3 thoughts on “Lev Leviev, Philanthropist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. check out Leviev’s reply about this Oxfam imbroglio, it’s a real tear jerker:


    Lev Leviev Group of Companies response to Adalah-NY letter to Oxfam International

    15 Jan 2008
    Having fled the yoke of communism as a teenager living in Uzbekistan, Lev Leviev knows oppression firsthand and has used his self-made success to alleviate suffering around the world. His generosity to numerous groups and organizations is motivated by the wish to do good things for others. Despite the negative characterization of his philanthropy by some political groups, Lev Leviev continues to use his philanthropy solely toward that goal.

  2. Interesting that Leviev doesn’t even CLAIM that he gave to Oxfam nor explain how the mistaken information was circulated. For this reason, I think it’s very important for non-profits to guard their reputations and not allow celebrities or fraudsters to hijack a good cause for personal gain, which is what Leviev seems to have done.

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