13 thoughts on “Masada2000 Spewing Hate Once More Thanks to Jewish Task Force – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  2. Fabulous, W Dean.

    Now, any of my readers who’re distressed by Masada2000 (and especially anyone personally listed in the S.H.I.T. list who’s been directy defamed) can submit a complaint to Steve Alligood listed above. This is the e mail link for complaints. This is the company’s Terms of Service, which the site violates in myriad ways.

    Please, if there’s a copy of your own image at this site & you own that image also file a Digital Millenium Copyright Act notice. Bluehost must remove the image as long as you claim you own the copyright within a specified period of time & if they don’t they are liable for serious penalties.

    Bluehost is incorporated in Utah and possibly affiliated with Mormons. I can’t believe that they’d be amused by some of the more egregious pornography and obscene language featured at Masada2000.

  3. Please continue posting about BlueHost. I host at least 4 websites and domains with them and will consider moving my business elsewhere if they do not respond intelligently.

  4. Lets also work on taking down http://www.radioislam.org/. The IP providers have not responded to any of my emails, but perhaps if more pressure is applied, they will respond. Below is a recent rant

    A PLOT
    against Radio Islam
    By cunning and any other means Israel constantly tries to divert attention from the Jewish occupation of Palestine and from the dominance exerted by Jewish power over the western states. A group of militant Zionists at Stockholm University have thus “revealed” – in an opinion poll financed by Jewish organizations in Sweden – that 34 % of Swedish junior high school students doubt that the Holocaust has really taken place.

    The result of the poll, which has been made a great feature of in Jewish-controlled media, caused panic in ruling circles. In the Swedish parliament immediate measures were demanded from the government, and in an emotionally tinged pronouncement the prime minister Göran Persson expressed his indignation and worry about the fact that only 66 % of the junior high school students acknowledged the existence of the Holocaust.

    Since one of the more important goals of the educational system and the media is to make people believe in the story of the Holocaust and to achieve the one hundred percentage of believers demanded by the Jewish power, Göran Persson has promised to take quick steps to intensify the brainwashing of the junior high school students and citizens in general, and to shut the mouth of everybody, who spreads doubt about the reality of the Holocaust. The Swedish prime minister has also promised to distribute a video cassette about the Holocaust to the parents of all junior high school students, so that the former take their responsibility to educate their children in a Zionist spirit.

    It should be no secret that the speeches of the Swedish prime minister are usually written by the strong man of the government, the Jew Leif Pagrotsky! Göran Persson’s statement before the parliament struck the note for the media. The day after the meeting of the parliament the pro-Zionist Swedish newspaper Dagen wrote that “The Association of survivors fråm the Holocaust” has decided to stop Radio Islam and erect a big monument in memory of the Holocaust in front of the synagogue in Stockholm. In an interview in the same number of the newspaper the leader of the association, Jakob Ringart, declared it to be “a scandal that Ahmed Rami is allowed to continue denying the Holocaust in radio broadcasts on Swedish soil.”

    In an interview the same day in Swedish radio and TV one of the leaders of the Jewish lobby declared that the result of the poll was the fruit of broadcasts for years from Radio Islam, and that only Ahmed Rami can be happy about it today. Exactly a week after the pronouncement of the prime minister the Swedish attorney general decided to initiate legal proceedings against Radio Islam’s home page on Internet. To the media it was given to understand that the whole dossier about this “affair” was to be classified as secret.

    Since this legal action has been completely covered up and the attorney general refuses to give a statement, the Swedish television turned to a professor of law at Stockholm University. In his opinion “Ahmed Rami may be found guilty of disrespect for the Jewish people, even if his home page on Interbet is based in America.. As a Swedish citizen he is to be judged according to Swedish law.”

    The day after the decision to initiate legal proceedings against Radio Islam’s home page on Internet Ahmed Rami received a bill concerning the broadcastings from Radio Islam, which sends 35 hours a week in various languages (among other things information from the persecuted Canadian history revisionist Ernst Zündel). According to the bill, Radio Islam is requested to pay 6000 Swedish crowns for the costs of the broadcasting at a tariff of 65 crowns for a quarter of an hour (there is a common sender for all the stations).

    Radio Islam began sending on the 3rd of March 1987 and has never before been requested to pay for the transmissions except for the use of a telephone line connecting the studio with the sender! The chairman of the board of directors of this sender is an active member of a Zionist organization, and the signer of the bill (also a Zionist) is a member of a gay organization, which in its publications has repeatedly attacked Radio Islam.

    These legal and financial persecutions of Radio Islam and its home page on Internet are not only directed against the person Ahmed Rami, who has already served a sentence of six months in jail for the expression of his views, but against the freedom of us all. Yesterday it was Zündel, today it is Rami. Who will be the next tomorrow?

    It is high time to pass to concrete acts of solidarity across the geographical, ideological and religious boundaries. The powers of evil are acting on a global level in a total war to lay our planet under Jewish dominion. After showing their real face in Palestine they constantly advance their positions for the purpose of turning the whole world into a single large prison, guarded by a Jewish oligarchy!

    Our civilization can only survive in a climate of freedom of thought and respect for fundamental human rights. All religions, ideologies and political systems should not deny an opposition the right to exist. The totalitarian Zionism of today is the only ideology that systematically wants to make the very existence of an opposition a criminal offence! Before we can coexist, we must first be able to exist. That right is denied those who are opposed to the Jewish domination. This fanaticism and obscurantism is a serious threat against our civilization and against world peace. Each one of us should do something concrete to defend freedom!

  5. I am a first time poster to this board and was referred to this blog by a friend who has posted somewhere on this site before. I understand why you’re so upset by masada2000.org. But, and forgive me for seeming insensitive, isnt that an example of reaping what you sow? I mean several people have pointed out atrocities committed by Muslim radicals on this site and they don’t get a serious response from you. It’s like Dean said earlier, it’s your way or the highway–at least that’s how I see it from what I’ve read here thus far. But my G-d, now that you’re personally attacked, you would think that the heavens were dropping (please forgive the southern expression). I agree libel is libel and if you’re not a public figure, then I can’t say you should expect to have the bright lights on your private property all the time. But in some very real ways, many of the individuals on that list have done Jews an incredible disservice. I mean my god, it’s not bad enough the whole world tried to get rid of y’all. You want to try and do each other in as well?
    Mr. Silverstein, I can’t understand how an educated person can look so blindly upon the injustices perpetrated against Muslims by their own leadership, never mind the Jewish people, or any other people they govern for that matter. Where is the outrage against that I ask of you? I don’t see it here. I don’t see it anywhere on this site.
    I have to say I was laughing when I read a comment written by a woman saying that she couldn’t get a man to go out with her because of Masada2000. No, I mean it, not to be cruel, but I find that very hard to believe–is this really the obstacle that is the impediment for her meeting men??? I think that’s taking any website’s influence a little too far–at least in this counry. Even if she is from Israel, she very well may have been, I’d like to know just where my enemies are as well. If she’s having a problem meeting men, and from what she states her bio was on Masada2000, this is the least of this woman’s problems. She needs to stop thinking men and focus on how all of this impacting on her children. Any parent would be foolish not to do that. I hope she reads this because she is sorely in need of some common sense practical advice. I do feel badly for her children if they have been isolated from their community–but in all fairness, shouldn’t she have thought of that before she chose to behave in ways that border on treason. I mean this isnt a case where she didn’t have a choice. In Israel, just like her, women, by and large, have lots of choices.
    See what I think this site needs is a few more people with open minds. And yes, I would say that about a conservative Christian site as well. I think educated Christians have learned a lot about the churches’ role in not countering anti-Jewish sentiment in previous eras. And I think we have learn from our Jewish brothers and sisters about the Hebrew bible. I am glad that I was directed to this site. Like Dean said earlier, anyone you don’t agree with they get tossed, baby with the bath water.

  6. several people have pointed out atrocities committed by Muslim radicals on this site and they don’t get a serious response from you

    Only 40 or 50 Islamophobes have pointed out such atrocities here & I’ve responded “seriously” to them every time. In fact, I’ve done it so many times I won’t do it again here. I don’t have the time to try to enlighten someone like you who’s clearly made up her mind about the “facts” already anyway.

    anyone you don’t agree with they get tossed,

    You come to my site one time & you already know everything there is to know about me & my comments policy & who I ban & who I don’t?? That’s rich.

    I’ve published about 4,500 comments here from roughly 2,000 individuals (perhaps somewhat less). Perhaps 100-150 or so have been banned over the past four years. That would be around 5%. As for those who haven’t been banned…more people publishing comments here disagree with me than agree. That would leave a lot of people who disagree with me who haven’t been banned. I guess that spoils that nice, wrong judgment you made above.

    I don’t ban people merely for disagreeing with me. I ban them for insulting me, for baiting me, for using incendiary or racist language or stereotypes. Anyone who argues from ideas or facts rather than from nastiness will not be banned fr. my comment section.

  7. I’m glad you can convince yourself of that Richard. This must help you rest a lot easier at night.

  8. Thank you, Richard, for fighting the good fight. Although I do believe that sites like Masada2000 and JTF have a right – just like the KKK does – to express their views on the world wide web, I believe it a good thing that the nature and the methods of such groups be brought out into greater public awareness, as your postings have served to do. The problem with extremism – any extremism – is when their views are passed off as “main stream” views. The fact of the matter is that neither Masada2000 nor JTF speak for Israel, and even less for the Jewish community at large. Yet, the racist propaganda of either group based on the typical demonization of the other – have been and are still very perniciously propagated all over the net under various guises and copied and pasted and repeated all over by people, who sometimes do not know better, so as to appear even in the most unlikely of places.

    I believe groups like Masada2000 and JTF (just like the KKK or any extremist group for that matter, and that includes radical Islamic groups, like radio-islam) are more dangerous when they operate in the shadow. I used to be on the receiving end of propaganda from such groups when it was distributed via email, from unknown sources (you would receive it from a “friend” who had forwarded it to a “friend”, who had himself or herself received it from “a concerned friend”, etc. Being able to point one’s “friends” to the source of the material they are unknowingly quoting comes in handy when addressing such propaganda. I do not think that such sites as Masada2000, JTF, or Radio-Islam can be suppressed, nor do I think that they should. BUT people should be made aware that they exist, and what it is they really stand for.

    E. Johnson

  9. I do believe that sites like Masada2000 and JTF have a right – just like the KKK does – to express their views on the world wide web

    I fully agree with you. That’s why their argument about censorship holds no water. They deserve the same right you or I have to express their views…as long as they can do that w/o using vulgarity, nudity, pornography, invasion of privacy, racist taunts, etc. to do so. There are some Kahanist sites that manage to do precisely this. Why can’t Masada2000 or JTF?

    I find it ironic that when I point to objectionable elements of Masada2000 here that those pages get taken down by the site owner though no other objectionable pgs. get removed. That’s why I’ve stopped making pointed references to specific material there. If they truly wanted to clean up their site (& not just do the minimum to allow it to get by the webhost’s TOS) they would do just that.

  10. I’m a member of JTF, and it seems the site is down for some reason. I’m still a newbie in the forum. If there are those that want JTF stopped and off the web, it’s not going to happen.

  11. If there are those that want JTF stopped and off the web, it’s not going to happen.

    JTF is a repulsive site & I’m delighted it’s down. I’d be pleased if its host realized how disgusting it is & took it down. If that’s what happened, more power to the host. But I had nothing to do with it.

  12. I can’t believe the fear!
    Why is everybody so afraid of letting the masada2000 speak their mind?
    I don’t need a nanny, I can read the stuff and make up my own mind.
    I am not a communist, but I believe that the Communist Manifesto must be available to anyone who wishes to read it.
    I am not a Nazi, but I believe that Mein Kampf should be available to anyone who is interested.
    I am not a Muslim, but I believe that Quran should be available, and so should the pictures making fun of Muhammad. Anything less than that is like saying that someone else should decide for me what I should think and believe.
    So whatever it is, bring that Massada2000 back on line.

    1. How, precisely, are the communist manifesto and the Koran equitable with Mein Kampf? Bizzarre.

      “Anything less than that is like saying that someone else should decide for me what I should think and believe”

      That’s not the point of contention: if Mein Kampf was sold with pornographic pictures attached, what would happen? f the publishers were harassing or intimidating people, how much acceptance would that meet with?

      Threats and defamation do not constitute entitlements under the first amendment; freedom of association does, however. If domain servers et al choose not to associate with Masada2000 then that would be consistent with the first amendement. It’s designed to be used as a shield, not a whip.


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