4 thoughts on “‘Offering Reconciliation’ Art Exhibit to Bellevue Arts Museum – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hadassah Magazine is going to be reviewinig this exhibit. Can you send me jpegs, 300 dpi, of some of the images. Send to zshluker at aol.com and ncrain at hadassah.org.

    If you cannot help me, please let me know who I should contact. Thank you.

    Zelda Shluker
    Managing Editor,
    Hadassah Magazine

  2. kalash is a tribe in hindukush mountains i do not understand the meaning of this word kalashas mentioned in your remarkable work of art ,
    in sansikret it means pure or ashes later on tamils and other suncontinent tribes use it to name a small pitcher or a pot with neck containing ashes ,of some holy significance .

    i am an artist ingaged since 1971 with the tribe kalash plus we are always learning as new things when people use or write about some words related to kalash certainly this is a good feeling that some one is writing clearyfying a word KALASH .
    the first time Kalash became famous in the west was due to two books kafiristan by a persian writer and kafirs of the hindukush By Robertson meuseums of mankind all over the world are full of kalash tribe artifacts and recently the greek government has built a museum in the kalash valley with some good people who work as ngo s .i wish to thank them too for this giant task
    i have been recently given a chance by Mr Ghwelker on you tube with three movies which can be seen at you tube ,kalash a homage
    Kind regards to your viewer and readers ,

  3. M. Bugi: Thanks for writing. I believe the name of the artist who created the bowl pictured is Mohammed Said Kalash. I don’t know more about him or the origin of his name I’m sorry to say. The information you provided about Kalash sounds very interesting. This YouTube video makes them appear quite fascinating & is well worth watching.

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