2 thoughts on “Google for Freedom at Home and Censorship in China – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Okay what would you like, not give the Chinese access to Google? The Chinese government won’t care and the people won’t know. At least access to Google in some form (note that Google will mention when results are censored) will promote a more open society than what it’s now.

    Also this restriction of the Chinese government only applies to the Google server run in CHina. So the Chinese people can still get past the restriction by accessing the Google.com server in the US.

  2. Why will Chinese censored access to Google promote a more open society when the very ideas that would do so are inaccessible to its Google users? You seem to argue that Google possesses some innate magical power to create democratic values in China. But the only way Google can do this is if it provides free & unfettered access to the ideas that underpin these values.

    You mean to tell me that access to Google’s U.S. server is freely available in China? I highly doubt this. And does Google’s U.S. server (if they CAN access it) provide the Chinese access to Chinese language sites or only English language?

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