1 thought on “Fertility Clinics: It’s Time to End Secrecy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for the thought-provoking post. I thank the Eternal that my wife and I are fortunate enough to have been spared fertility issues (our first daughter is due two weeks from today!) – But the issue of adoption is an intense one for me – since my brother was adopted…

    As far as publishing the photo of your beautiful son (and revealing to the world his status) consider inter-racial adoptions, my brother is Hispanic (or should I say inter-cultural since, of course, Hispanics are Caucasian) – his mere presence announces to the world his status (and I can tell many stories of idiotic reactions from so many people as we grew up)

    I think being as open as possible about everything is best; treating it as “normal” and not something taboo or to be feared (as was the case). We were fortunate to live in a culturally diverse area where this was the case. My brother had many friends growing up who were adopted – and was able to discuss his issues with peers (and again see it as something “normal”)

    I think your posting his image and discussing this on your blog is a positive thing. You are making clear to everyone that you have no shame about the process, that this is something “normal” and that you are proud of. When he gets to an age where he will undoubtedly have questions, he hopefully won’t have any fear doing so. Seeing by example that this is something you have always been open about.

    You may be interested to read a recent article from a small freebie neighborhood paper from my hometown about open adoption: http://www.evanstonroundtable.com/rt2005/roundtable121405/news.html#holiday

    I was intrigued by this, and it made me proud once again of the community where I grew up and hope to raise my family (real estate prices are making this difficult as my wife and I consider our housing situation, but this fodder for other blog entries!)

    Best wishes to you and your family Richard!

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