1 thought on “Michael Ignatieff on America’s Broken Contract With Katrina Survivors – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What bothered me about the Bush’s administration’s response to the hurricane disasters was the disconnect between the campaign promise of a “moral values”-based candidacy and the complete absence of values in the discussion of the federal government’s response.

    Instead, we heard spin, in fact outright dishonesty, about the federal government’s role in response to a natural disaster. It was somehow the governor’s or mayor’s fault that they didn’t do enough, even though declaring a disaster area places a legal obligation for the federal government to undertake certain actions.

    The “moral value” of a government taking care of people who had limited ability to fend for themselves, and yet did what they could anyway, was never a part of the discussion, and the idea of federal government responsibility was openly ridiculed by apparatchiks of the Republican punditocracy. Instead, much of the early response to Katrina was to shift blame for the disaster, for the problems of the recovery effort, and for the inadequate funneling of information within the federal bureaucracy, to anybody outside of the Bush administration our Great Leaders thought it would stick to.

    For me, this moral failure of leadership is the real disaster.

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