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Al Jazeera Reports Israeli NSA Spy Base Story

nsa israeli intelligence

NSA collaboration with Israeli intelligence services

Middle East Monitor has now reported about Ronen Bergman’s interview on Israeli TV in which he exposed the existence of the NSA base in Jerusalem.  Its small article was picked up by Al Jazeera Arabic, which approached two U.S. Middle East analysts for their comment.  One was Prof. Paul Scham of the University of Maryland.  Scham apparently had read my blog posts, because he noted that the base was on Mt. Scopus.  But he erred in claiming the base was in Israeli territory as this map makes clear.  Further, the University of Maryland professor had no qualms about the NSA cooperating with Israeli intelligence:

[Scham] revealed he had seen some reports that the reality of the existence of this property.  However [he] did not see anything in this matter as interesting considering that US-Israeli cooperation is [well] known.

He explained that the facility apparently located in Mount Scopus, [was] inside Israeli territory since the signing of the armistice agreement with the Israeli Arabs in 1949.

And on the importance of the location of the property, Scham said that the region is one of the highest mountainous areas overlooking the Jordan Valley…He said ‘this site will enable Israel and the United States to observe the east and west banks of the Jordan’, saying that this means – by implication – that Israel might reconsider its insistence on the retention of its troops in the Jordan Valley, which is claimed by the Palestinians.

…Scham explained that the [NSA] has the facilities to spy in a number of countries around the world, and I suppose that Israel is one of these countries.

[He] also pointed out that if there was some sort of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, the role of U.S. intelligence with both sides will rise, and so he felt that the establishment of this facility has is an indication of the existence of progress in the peace negotiations.

Scham’s theory is novel and interesting.  It’s putting a constructive gloss on the entire enterprise.  It is true that the NSA base would be able to communicate with satellites monitoring the Jordan Valley and all possible terrorist infiltration routes into Israel from surrounding countries.  In that sense, it might alleviate some Israeli security anxiety (though not as far as Bogie Yaalon, the defense minister, is concerned).

snowden nsa intelligence sharing with israel

Snowden NSA memo documenting intel sharing with Unit 8200

But this also ignores the quite destructive implications of our two nations’ security apparatuses becoming further enmeshed, so that the interests of one nation become indistinguishable from those of the other.  It means that our own intelligence operations have increasingly adhered to the non-existent safeguards offered by Israel’s security apparatus to its citizens.

As I quoted yesterday from Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to Cybertech 2014, Israel sees the concept of personal privacy as “abrogated.”  Personally, I don’t want my own government’s intelligence operations infected with such notions (though they already have been).

Further, this security arrangement is part of a much broader relationship with includes the NSA sharing raw intelligence data concerning U.S. citizens.  I don’t want the NSA poking its nose into the business of Israeli citizens either (though it already does, I’m sure).

Michael O’Hanlon, a pro-Israel Brookings analyst, denied the base was American at all, saying to AJ:

This kind [of equipment], which he called ‘ground antennas’ can not work in all parts of the world.

He suggested in a brief statement [that the base was] a local facility in Israel [Israeli, not American], so that should help Americans in reporting on everything Washington aimed to establish [in] such a facility.

At the same time, O’Hanlon doubted that this will be the only facility set up by U.S. intelligence in the Middle East.

It’s been two days since I’ve approached the State Department and White House for comment.  Still no answer.  Nor has there been interest from the many journalists I’ve consulted.  But I’m grateful that Al Jazeera has pursued it to the extent that it did.

UPDATE: An anonymous official did return my call and that’s essentially all I can say because of the ground rules of the conversation.

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  • Oui February 12, 2014, 1:27 PM

    Big Ears: ‘Largest’ secret spy hub uncovered in Israel – YouTube Video [Includes denial by Ronen Bergman]

    See my earlier comment. The 30 some large dishes at Urim base are positioned similar to other Echelon stations for satellite link-up.

  • Oui February 14, 2014, 2:46 PM

    Most likely, Israel became a NSA intelligence partner with the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1992. If and when an I-P peace settlement is reached, the security for the state of Israel will be managed by a “Big Brother” concept already implemented for the Gaza strip and the West Bank. Israel has banked on billions of US aid and military support because of the Peace Treaty with Egypt. The IOU note written by Israel’s past cabinets is a debt Obama and Kerry is calling out as an account receivable.

    NSA to Israel: If We Give You Intel on Government Officials, Please Delete It

    (Wired) – According to a memorandum leaked to The Guardian by Edward Snowden, the United States shares raw intelligence with Israel’s intelligence agency — including possible information about Americans. This despite concerns about the trustworthiness of the Israeli agency.

    The memo, dated two months after President Obama was first inaugurated, outlines the manner in which the National Security Agency will provide Israel with data it collects from its surveillance operations. That intelligence includes some information that is not “minimized” — that is, hasn’t necessarily been screened to remove any data collected about Americans. Or, more precisely, “U.S. persons,” a term the document describes in detail — in part to establish the guidelines for what Israel can and can’t do with the information.

    The Guardian summarizes what’s contained in the sharing.

    Slowly all pieces of the intelligence puzzle falls into place. More to follow …

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