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  1. Most likely, Israel became a NSA intelligence partner with the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1992. If and when an I-P peace settlement is reached, the security for the state of Israel will be managed by a “Big Brother” concept already implemented for the Gaza strip and the West Bank. Israel has banked on billions of US aid and military support because of the Peace Treaty with Egypt. The IOU note written by Israel’s past cabinets is a debt Obama and Kerry is calling out as an account receivable.

    NSA to Israel: If We Give You Intel on Government Officials, Please Delete It

    (Wired) – According to a memorandum leaked to The Guardian by Edward Snowden, the United States shares raw intelligence with Israel’s intelligence agency — including possible information about Americans. This despite concerns about the trustworthiness of the Israeli agency.

    The memo, dated two months after President Obama was first inaugurated, outlines the manner in which the National Security Agency will provide Israel with data it collects from its surveillance operations. That intelligence includes some information that is not “minimized” — that is, hasn’t necessarily been screened to remove any data collected about Americans. Or, more precisely, “U.S. persons,” a term the document describes in detail — in part to establish the guidelines for what Israel can and can’t do with the information.

    The Guardian summarizes what’s contained in the sharing.

    Slowly all pieces of the intelligence puzzle falls into place. More to follow …

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