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  1. Advocacy group established in 2021 in London … Anglo-Saxon narrative against the Sisi administration in Egypt.

    I’m thinking in the order of the White Helmets in Syria.

    Egypt creating an exclusion buffer zone to prevent Palestinians refugees to infiltrate the Sinai peninsula … see history with breaking Morsi out of jail in 2011.

    A bit of propaganda if you will. 😊

  2. Israeli aircraft bombed the Rafah land crossing this evening for the fourth time since the beginning of the war. The recent aerial bombardment targeted the cement wall built by the Egyptian army two days ago directly in front of the Egyptian crossing gate, which is located within the Egyptian border.

    The Sinai Foundation’s Digital Investigations Laboratory reviews this with evidence… (16 Oct. 2923)

  3. Not coincidental … first visit in 12 years by Erdoğan in Cairo … time passed sinds Sisi’s coup d’état to stop the Muslim Brotherhood with political support from Saudi Arabia. The Obama administration was taken by surprise. Türkiye and Arab States were (dis)united in the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad. Today united against Israel by the atrocities committed against Palestinians on occupied land.

  4. Egypt on edge as Israel’s war presses more than a million Palestinians up against its border | TOI – 3 Feb. 2024 |

    The Egyptian official was keen to spell out the dangers of Israel’s ground offensive crossing the Philadelphi Corridor – the14-kilometer (about 8.7 mile) long and 100-meter-wide strip of land on the border between Gaza and Egypt.

    The narrow line is a buffer zone on the Egypt-Gaza border, set in place as part of the 1979 peace treaty. It is part of a larger set of areas that Israel and Egypt agreed to demilitarize. Neither state can increase its military presence there without prior agreement of the other.

    Securing the border to prevent spillover into the Sinai. Part of the work on a wall started as early as 11 Oct. Not a gated refugee facility IMHO.

  5. Difficult to find resources or funding of SFHR. Earlier date Ahmed Salem published on <a href=“https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/menasource/gaza-jihadists-undermine-egypt-hamas-cooperation/“‘Sinai ISIS and Al Qaedafor the Atlantic Council:

    Ahmed Salem, is an independent researcher on matters of Sinai and Violent Movements.

  6. The originally sourced SFHR article (rather “story”) has a discrepancy in the Arabic version and the English version:

    Egypt to create a gated high-security area in the reception of Palestinian refugees from Gaza

    The Sinai Foundation obtained information through a relevant source (?) that indicates that the construction work currently taking place in eastern Sinai, is intended to create a high-security gated and isolated area near the borders with Gaza strip, in preparation for the reception of Palestinian refugees in the case of the mass exodus of the citizens of Gaza Strip.

    I’m aware google translation is far from perfect, but the SFHR article is followed up by WSJ writing and later Reuters covered the item. The Israeli tabloid i24 stays away from disinformation and gives a political shout-out. The Arabic version:

    The Egyptian authorities are beginning to build a security buffer zone surrounded by walls to receive the Palestinians of Gaza.

    The Sinai Foundation obtained information from a relevant source stating that the construction work currently underway in eastern Sinai is to create an isolated security zone with the border with the Gaza Strip, with the aim of receiving refugees from Gaza in the event of a mass exodus of residents of the Gaza Strip.

    Video coverage by France24 Arabic – source SFHR ☹

  7. I really don’t understand this framing. We’re saying Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. So how could it be a bad thing for Egypt to allow innocent Palestinians to flee this genocide? Is it better to force them to stay and die? Looking back to the holocaust, are we saying that those who accepted Jewish refugees were bad and those who sent them back to their deaths were good?

    1. @,Rex: you’ve just given yourself away as an official Hasbara operative. I posted a link to this post on Reddit. Literally scores of commenters offered the same garbage comment as this. If you want to post comments here at least have the decency to post your own original thoughts instead of regurgitated talking pts. Whoever is feeding you this swill is not doing a very subtle job

      1. Whatever you might think of my comments, these are my own thoughts based on what I see as common sense and basic moral principles. I’d love to know why it’s garbage. Maybe just a link to that Reddit post if you responded there. Maybe someone else can tell me?

        1. @ Rex: You’re a liar. 20 commenters don’t all of a sudden say virtually the same thing at the same time.

          In short, ethnic cleansing is a violation of international law and a factor in determining genocide. There is nothing “humanitarian” about ethnic cleansing. There is no justification for expelling 1.5 million indigenous inhabitants in order to preserve their lives (supposedly). The one and only answer is to stop killing them. Not to expel them so you can kill others.

          This is the end of the conversation for you in this thread. And do not post recycled hasbara arguments here. Post your own thoughts and ideas.

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