5 thoughts on “IDF to Wind Down Ground Operations in Gaza – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard
    I need some clarification of the number of Hamas fighters killed by Israel.

    In your 6th paragraph you write “Meanwhile, the army has killed less than 25% of all Hamas fighters after 10 weeks of intense house-to-house combat.” And in your 7th paragraph you write “Also, the intensity of combat required to eliminate the remaining 22,000 Hamas’ fighters would be ferocious, with perhaps hundreds more IDF dead.”

    You seem to be using that Hamas had 30K Hamas fighters, so 25% killed would be 7.5K fighters, leaving Hamas with 22.5K fighters. That agrees with the 7-8K Hamas fighters that the IDF is reporting to have killed.

    I question the 7.5K Hamas fighters killed. Today’s Haaretz reports that the Gaza Health Ministry says 20,674 Palestinians have been killed since was started. And it is widely reported that 2/3rds of Palestinians killed are woman and minors. That suggests that about 13,852 killed are women and minors leaving about 6,822 Palestinian men killed.

    So that is my problem. The number of Hamas fighters killed seems to be about 10% greater than the number of Palestinian men killed.

    Can you please help me understand this?

    1. @Jeff: These numbers are an imperfect science. We don’t know exact numbers in any of these categories. But an Israeli security source tells me that roughly 26,000 Gazans are dead. That number is different than the Gaza health ministry (21,000), probably because he’s including those who are missing & presumed dead under collapsed buildings. He claims that 1/3 of those are Hamas fighters killed or 8,000. That’s roughly 70% which is in the ballpark of 1/3 of total dead. Other credible sources say that only 25% of the overall death toll is fighters. Euro Med Monitor says it’s only 10%. So who knows?

  2. Netanyahu and his war cabinet keep digging deeper …

    White Hiuse rhetoric on the Middle East and plight of Palestinians are very devious and ’an attempt to cover crimes’ of Israel.

    Netanyahu government issued a world map of Friends of Israel.

    Well done Israel … 75 years moving in the wrong direction … a vote for far-right extremism and Islamophobia.

  3. As the October 7th inhumane horrors fade into being a poor excuse for the ongoing genocide taking place in Gaza these very moments, one has to spare a thought for the diaspora Jewry who’ll be blamed, for generations, for making the US government supply the CycloneB.

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