6 thoughts on “The Gaza Crucifixion – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Can we solely hold Israel and Israelis as responsible for the genocide or should we consider holding the United States as holding the larger responsibility? After all, were it not for the endless loads of weapons, political and moral support Israel would not be permitted to commit these horrors for a single day.
    This is a partnership between the Murderer and the enabler.

    We have become a nation that thinks nothing of committing massive slaughter or making massive slaughter possible in the interest of “strategy” or “helping our friends”.
    The values of this nation are so self-centered that at a macro level, the US is the ONLY consideration worthy of thought or action and at the micro level, the rich. Even God is not allowed to help the less able, the poor and the sickly.
    I often wonder, what is it really, that has any moral value in the running of this nation?

  2. Flaws in all three “great” religions

    Christians Are Goyim Too In Ben Gvir’s Israel
    • ‘Israelis spitting on Christians is an old Jewish tradition’
    • A Shanda fur die Goyim

    Is there a future for any religion In Jerusalem?

    For Israeli political expediency, the Gaza War is fought. The US and Europe stay silent as Islamophobia has dehumanized Muslims. FEAR Inc.

  3. It is absurd with the amount hypocrisy Israelis are ready to show in their propaganda. In Northern Israel was a church (St. Mary Greek Melkite church in Iqrit) targeted with missile and nine Israeli soldiers got wounded while evacuating one wounded Palestinian (Israeli story). IDF writes: This attack is not only a clear violation of @UN Security Council Resolution 1701, but also a violation of the freedom of worship.

    The only pictures in Google of the church after this “war crime” show the church is okay, but a light small building in front of the church partly destroyed. Compare it to the pictures of the completely destroyed mosques and churches in Gaza. Those attacks are not against 1701 and no violations of the freedom of worship, because of secret weapon storages and command centres or that a Hamas member could have been there. Hizbollah also should at once inform, that there in the church was a zionist commander and behind the altar was a hidden howitzer. This Israeli tale of the wounded Palestinian and help is a bit “strange”. It is a rather absurd to send >9 soldiers to help one wounded Palestinian Christian considering, what they do normally in Gaza and West Bank (let them bleed to death). Why did they not send only an ambulance. Or if there was no wounded Palestinian, what did >9 IDF soldiers do in front of the church? Showing their normal respect to the priest?

    1. The hypocracy of the Israeli army’s statement concerning the church in Iqrith is beyond what my mind can comprehend.
      The Palestinian inhabitants of Iqrith were kicked out of their village in 1948, officially for a couple of weeks, most ended up as refugees in Lebanon, others as internally displaced elsewhere in the Galilea. The inhabitants who became Israeli citizens turned to the Supreme Court to return to their village. In spite of the court giving them the right to return, the Israeli army blew up the whole village except the church on Christmas Day 1951 when all the inhabitants were approaching the village to celebrate Christmas in the Church. Until this day they celebrate Easter in the church, bury their dead in the village but have never been allowed to return and rebuild the village. Many times young people have tried to resettle in the village, they bring tents etc and every time they’re kicked out again by the army.

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