10 thoughts on “BREAKING: GOP House Candidate is Israeli Citizen, IDF Veteran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Though factual, I find your judgement a bit harsh … looking from afar. As an immigrant myself, I can relate to her life’s journey.

    Unknown date of birth, living in utter poverty in Ethiopia, the evacuation was as a miracle from heaven. At 12 her forming life began in Israel, certainly would be like an indoctrination into Jewish life … at 18 entering the IDF would be natural and part of her assimilation. Opportunity to be well educated was a special accomplishment for her. Her marriage to a US-Ukrainian citizen moved them to New York district where they started family life. With Ukrainian roots of her husband, registration as a Democrat was quite logical. Mazi Malesa will represent her constituents in a conservative district. She is no Ayaan Hirsh Ali [born in Somalia, to Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Kenya before fleeing to the EU], born in riches and escaped her controlling father.

    Her Israeli dream … at 21 I personally made a different choice.

    Attempt in gerrymandering has been hurtful for Democrats. In a democracy the people decide … In Nassau county Democrats have a 15% edge over Republican voters. New York living is not like Seattle 😄

    1. Her date of birth isn’t ‘unknown’, she was 12, her parents were still alive. She knows when her birthday is, don’t ADD to her story unneeded. And I’m sorry, at the age of 12, if you haven’t formed any thoughts or ‘began your life’….you have some serious mental disabilities that should probably disqualify you from Public Office, sorry not sorry. At 18 entering the IDF wouldn’t just be Natural for her, it was MANDATORY.

      Further more, she’s not simply an immigrant bringing her culture with her, as in your case, she’s a politician openly talking about how she will push ISRAELS agenda in the UNITED STATES senate…..Not sure why that needs more explanation. She’s literally a foreign agent.

    2. Ayaan Hirsi’s parents were controlling. Ayaan is and was a fraud. She made up that lie. My family knew family and almost every single part of the story she tells about life is made to sell books and make money.

        1. Israel will accept any spokesperson, and it helps when those spokespeople are immigrants and people of color so they cannot be accused of racist policies, despite their apartheid system in Palestine and involuntary sterilization of Ethiopian women. If I were an Ethiopian woman in Israel, I would be speaking out against the Israeli state, refusing military service, and expressing my solidarity with the countless Palestinian women who have taken a stance against the militarized and belligerent system. Israel has only sought to ethnically cleanse our beautiful and diverse region of its dissenting Muslim, Christian and Jewish inhabitants, making its exclusive Zionist presence a fact, when in reality the Middle East has always been a diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-religious region before Israel and the United States sought to terrorize, bomb and divide our people along sectarian lines.

    3. @ Oui: Boy I think you’ve missed the point of my post and Pilip herself. Did you read the post? Because it doesn’t seem like it. As I wrote and Joseph seconded, she was 12 and left Ethiopia in 1991. Why would you link to an Aish HaTorah profile of her, as well? You’ve drunk a bad batch of Kool Aid I’m afraid.

      Of course she joined the army. That’s a path to societal acceptance for an ethnic minority in a racist country like Israel.

      Then she married up to a medical student, and his professional status got her to America. Where she registered as a Democrat and then ran as a Republican. More duplicity and opportunism. Now she wants to serve Israel’s interests in the US Congress. And GOP billionaires will line up and pony up cash for her run. This woman is toxic. I think your sympathy for her is misplaced.

      She is a rank opportunist.

  2. Hillary STFU

    Hillary Clinton met with hostage families in New York City and tells them to push for ’Christmas deal’. HRC praises courage of IDF in Gaza to eradicate Hamas.

    Eights years of the Obama administration, Israel happily destroyed the final option for a two-state solution and Middle East peace with its Arab neighbours. R2P policy regime change, ME envoy Dennis Ross and for Honduras engaged lobbyist Lanny Davis.

  3. There is the relative famous term in political science, FINNLADISIERUNG (Finlandization), which describes how a small country neighbouring Soviet-Union does everything possible not to annoy the giant and adjusts its own behaviour to the giants wishes. As Finn I can say that during this time Finland had without doubt limited sovereignty, but on the other hand adapting this policy of “neutrality” did allow us Finns to live in a western style democracy and system. This policy also made the Finland rich and developed with the lucrative giant bilateral trade agreements with the Soviets.

    Surely Finlandization will be nothing in world’s political history compared to ISRAELIZATION, where a small country and tiny domestic ethnic-religious minority successfully capture the giant’s whole parliamentary system plus its military and foreign policy of the strongest superpower for over halve a century. It is simply astonishing how the small country’s PM publicly describes how USA is so easy to be manipulated, Jewish Lobby and billionaires without shame, openly and completely legally in USA buy most of the political candidates with huge sums. But the most astonishing thing is that majority of American voters vote for these characters who clearly express that Israel’s interests are their main political goal and local needs are less important. If this American-Israeli-Etiophian woman described becomes elected, with her pro-Israeli “program”, it shows that her regions non-Jewish voters are not very, let’s say, talented and USA’s democratic system has serious problems (as it obviously has had for a long time).

    An former leader of Finnish conservative party, former journalist, diplomat and minister, Pertti Salolainen, in 2012 was asked in television about USA’s possibilities to help solving the Palestine problem. In very mild and careful way he explained, that it is extremely difficult, because the Jewish minority in USA has so much influence financially and in the media, without explaining details. At once an international “holocaust storm” begun. The local Jewish leader here explained, that Salolainen had obviously Mein Kampf as his night reading, Simon Wiesenthal Centre in USA demanded him, a member of Finnish parliament, to be fired from his position in the parliamentary foreign policy committee. This controlled around the world performed Jewish political assassination was so fierce, that after the event no Finnish politician or “expert” has been willing to publicly explain the Israel-Palestine situation from a neutral and balanced viewpoint. What is “amusing”, now during the genocide in Gaza, nobody in USA, Europe or even in Israel denies in earnest how Israel and lobby control the politics in USA.

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