3 thoughts on “Israeli MKs, Messianic Evangelicals Lobby Congress for Ethnic Cleansing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. One “solution” could be, that every Israeli, who has such, has to give their non-israeli citizenships to be given and transfered to Palestinians. Naturally this procedure would demand a UN decision and countries willing to perform such transfere. So, if 4 million Israelis have a dual-citizenship would have to give the non-israeli citizenship away, 4 million Palestinians could be peacefully be “transfered”.

    One benefit of this citizeship transfere would be, that Israelis would be only Israelis and they would have to face the future without that now existing secure backdoor. It would certainly make Israelis more diplomatic and peaceseeking, when in the wallet is not anymore that other passport.

    The “funny thing” is, that certainly 97 percent of Israelis living in Israel would say to this rather rational suggestion, “NO NEVER, we have the right to those other citizenships”. But most of them on the same time see it fair and rational, that neighbouring countries have to take millions of Palestinians, BECAUSE USA GIVES THOSE COUNTRIES’ ARMIES FUNDS. With this logic Israel should take millions of refugees because USA has given to Israel more funds than to anyother country.

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