5 thoughts on “Black and Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter…to Israeli and American Cops – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is a test. But what are the cops doing out there instigating with clubs and guns? Why are they smashing people, journalists, their cameras? We saw this!

  2. What I tried to post yesterday:
    Richard, an excellent commentary- the connection between Palestinian resistance and Black resistance well made.
    The Mayor of D.C has just renamed the two block street going up to the White House, Black Lives Matter Plaza- painted in HUGE yellow letters on the pavement. She did what was left to her after her power to keep order had been coopted by Trump.

    Bush used fear to get into his 2nd term. We were in the midst of fighting the enemy over there, we were told and sold, so we did not have to fight them here (9/11). The nerve of GW now to appear, innocent and appalled, standing next to other former presidents as Trump goes to war against us.
    Hopefully Trump has little credibility to pull off a re-election by using such tactics. The GOP will have to ramp up their cheating if Trump keeps sliding.
    June 5 12:33 PM ET
    June 6 6:17 AM ET (now)

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