7 thoughts on “Israel’s Creeping Genocide – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Excellent article. I forwarded this article to the media … tips@nytimes.com, tips@rollingstone.com, tips@thedailybeast.com, tips@theintercept.com, tips@buzzfeed.com, tips@cnn.com, tips@nypost.com, and I ask that other readers here forward this article to the media.

    Biden pushed back on all this chaos in Israel with “Biden admin reverses Trump policy that allowed funding to research in Israeli settlements”, which is not much, and he got pushback from Israel. The reality is Biden wants to get re-elected, and if he swings too far against Israel he will get pushback from Republicans like Ted Cruz with “SEN. CRUZ CONDEMNS BIDEN ADMINISTRATION ANTISEMITIC DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ISRAEL”

    I had hoped Obama, and now Biden, would have recognized Palestine as a State at the UN. I think the EU, Russia, China, and most of the rest of the world would support it, but Biden would be risking losing the next election, and then Republicans like Trump would be running the show again. Biden must tread carefully to do both, win the next election and recognize Palestine as a State.

    But will Israel go along and recognize Palestine as a State, probably not, the conflict would continue until the UN sanctions Israel into submission. Even then Palestine would be under the thumb of Israel forever,

    Biden and Palestine and Israel may have a better outcome if Biden pushes the One State Solution at the UN.

  2. The way to stop this horror is a plebiscite for all of Palestine.

    Palestinians have never been permitted to vote for the government that claims sovereignty over them. This undemocratic, anti-Semitic omission must be corrected.

    Palestinian organizations should consider asking the nations of the world to endorse a representation election for Israel / Palestine. This is the only fair & peaceful solution.

    1. @ Richard: A plebiscite for “all of Palestine?” Meaning from the river to the sea? If so, sure. Though I’m not sure what they’d be voting on.

      My guess is that you mean a plebicite for only the West Bank & Gaza, which would be ridiculous. Nothing to vote on. Besides, there’s no Palestinian state and no sovereignty. Israel claims sovereignty over virtually all of it, esp if you ask Ben GIvr & Smotrich, who seem to run the government these days.

  3. totally agree. The agenda is not only ethnic cleansing but genocide and massacres. This is the regime that the West protects as a ‘Jewish’ state as some kind of recompense for the holocaust

  4. Excellent post Richard, one of your best. Personally painful to read, even after I filter out the moderate hyperbole in your post. No Richard, “The IDF could not easily stop the rampages.” That would risk many soldiers disobeying orders, perhaps entire units. It would fracture and split Israeli Society to even deeper chasms. Sinat Hinam ain’t no joke.

  5. What do you think the Nakba was or is?

    In Dec 1947, the Zionist leadership put the long prepared Zionist genocide into full operation as soon as possible after UN GA made the non-binding optional UN Partition Proposal on Nov 27, 1947.

    This genocide, which started with the Nakba, does not end until Palestinians return to their homes, property, villages, and country.

  6. Whenever someone talks of Jewish values it leaves me rather perplexed. Like it’s suppose to be of a higher/more insightful value than the values non-jews hold/ascribe to.

    Having lived amongst these Zionist Jews for quite some time now, I can attest to the ‘values’ that is eminent amongst these colonial settler racists.

    Dishonesty ( especially when in a confrontation, trying to save face, to prove a point etc ) comes to mind straight away.
    Disrespect/lack of consideration for the other ranks high as well, even amongst themselves.
    Meanness is right up their as well, reaching ‘great heights’ vis-a-vis the Arabs/Palestinians.
    And last but not least, Arrogance as to their ‘superiority’ within the country/region to some extend.

    I’m really not surprised what’s happening amongst themselves and in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. These Zionists are a nasty bunch at the end of the day.

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