9 thoughts on “IDF Nablus Massacre: 11 Dead, 100 Injured, 6 Critically – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Let’s call this for what it is, state terrorism.”
    Bullshit. This was a limited military operation that met unexpected resistance.

    “Indiscriminate, wanton killing of civilians”/
    No. No less than 3 of the 11 Palestinians killed were wanted terrorists. We don’t know the identities of the other Palestinians that were killed or wounded. BTW, Islamic Jihad is an Iranian proxy army.

    1. @Jay: Yup, that’s what the Nazis said in Warsaw, Stalingrad and Lidoce. A “limited military incursion” to “root out [Jewish] terrorists.” That’s high quality company for Israel.

      You call murdering 8 unarmed civilians a justified proportional military operation? You are a ghoul.

      Frankly I don’t care who or what Iran is. I approve of resistance by any means necessary. BTW, Israel pioneered the use of proxies in every Middle East sector: Lebanon, Syria, West BanK, etc. Pot shouldn’t call the kettle…

  2. Well let “us” in the west treat “you” here like “you” treat there Palestinians, then we can discuss what is the right term. You would say “state and religious terrorism”, we would say normal lawful police actions. Some years ago in a internet discussion in an aswer to a American Jew, who had claimed God gave Israel to Jews, I did write if so then it means, that God gave everything else outside Israel to non-Jews. I also asked why is he still living in New York, because it is our “holy” territory. He answered that he was born in New York so he has all rights to live there. To my question, what are “you” saying to Palestinians born in Jerusalem or else in Palestine? He did not answer…

    1. @ Jeff Warner: How many “limited military operations” attempting to apprehend 3 men lead to murdering 11, wounding 100 (6 critically)? Not to mention destoying the main shopping street of the town? Limited my ass. This was, I believe, sending a message to all of Nablus: if your sons want to kill our soldiers this is what will happen to you. We will destroy your entire town if we have to.

  3. But for local resistance, the IDF would have apprehended the terrorists and left Nablus. Limited.
    “Yup, that’s what the Nazis said in Warsaw, Stalingrad and Lidoce (sic) “. Three invidious comparisons. The town of Lidoce (sic) was randomly selected for destruction in an act of revenge. Stalingrad was an industrial city the Nazis sought to conquer, and the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto were being deported to the death camps.

    1. @ Punch: “But for local resistance?” Who says the Palestinians owe it to the Israeli army to permit it to invade their towns without facing resistance? Did the Warsaw ghetto fighters decide it was better to let the Germans enter the ghetto to arrest Jewish militants? Or did they fight to defend the ghetto tooth and nail?

      The IDF knows in advance there will be furious resistance. It goes in anyway. After committing a war crime you don’t get to offer a defense: well, if the victims had behaved nicely we wouldn’t have had to commit the war crime.

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