15 thoughts on “US-Iran Nuclear “Understanding” Imminent – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The nuclear ‘understanding’ between the United States and Iran is not so important.

    What’s really important is the success or failure of the current Ukrainian counteroffensive against Putin’s invading army,
    Iran is betting big that their Moscow-Tehran alliance will mean that Moscow will provide Iran with support and assistance in Iran’s efforts to become a regional superpower and hegemony .
    However, a decisive defeat for Moscow in its Ukraine invasion will be a defeat for Iran and would set off a weakening in Moscow’s capacity for offering support and assistance to its emergent Mideast partner.

    Israel should watch closely what’s happening in the trenches in Ukraine.

    1. @ Chad: You don’t understand Iran, you don’t understand Russia. You don’t understand pretty much anything.

      The relations between Russia and Iran are purely transactional. Neither has any interest in The other except what they can gain in short term self-interest. Russia has absolutely no interest in Iran beyond the drones it is providing; and as a potential customer for its nuclear technology.

      For example, Iran and Russia are both involved in Syria. Yet they have almost nothing to do with each other there. Israel attacks Iranian positions and Russia does nothing to stop this. Russia has an understanding with Israel (not Iran) about this. While Iran doesn’t expect Russia to protect it.

      Iran could care less whether Russia wins or loses in Ukraine. The only consideration is whether Russia will continue to buy its drones.

      As usual you are demonizing Iran and making sweeping, conspiratorial, unfounded claims about it. You haven’t a clue.

      Your claim that a nuclear deal with Iran is “not so important” is also ludicrous. American and Israeli newspapers have been reporting the story breathlessly for days. That would mean they’re reporting a story that is unimportant. I think they have a better idea of what’s important than you.

      Your comment only proves you are mouthing the Israeli line. Now that Bibi has thrown in the towel about stopping a new agreement, you’re pivoting to new anti-Iran talking points. Pathetic.

    1. @ Potter: Since Iran has so few major power allies, it would be too much to ask. If western state didn’t demonize Iran and permitted trade and normal relations, it wouldn’t need Russia. But since that’s not possible, they have little choice.

  2. Proxy wars … neocon and the wars on behalf of IL … Iraq-Libya-Syria. The Arab States have had enough and pivoted to China for relief … biggest consumer of fossil fuels. Russia is totally irrelevant. Don’t make it bigger. Netanyahu allies in former Soviet bloc countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary-Austria-Czech Republic-Romania-Bulgaria-Poland-Russia and Baltic States. Missing: Ukraine.

    Iran was “the biggest problem we face in our region

  3. Silence by AIPAC and Netanyahu … don’t interfere with domestic matters Joe …

    Quid pro Quo

    Netanyahu: Israeli judicial reform to advance, ’moderately, responsibly’

    At weekly cabinet meeting PM Netanyahu announces an immediate, unilateral return to judicial overhaul legislation.

    Watch the silence from the White House the coming days …

    Meanwhile Barbara Leaf, assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, slated to meet both political and military leaders and discuss ’constraining Iran’s destabilizing behavior’

    Her spokesperson: Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf will travel to Israel and the West Bank June 17-24 and to Jordan June 24-25.

  4. Is this a temporary Netanyahu flip-flop? Is there more to this deal than meets the eye? Netanyahu says this is something he can live with but six days ago he said any agreement reached with Iran regarding its nuclear program will not be binding on Jerusalem. Which is it?

    Is there a quid pro deal between Biden and Netanyahu? What does Netanyahu get in return for going along with the deal? More American UN Vetoes on resolutions against Israel settlements? A joint American-Israel attack plan on Iran?

    1. @ Steve Benassi: Bibi said both things in the same statement. He can live with the deal but reserves the right to act independently. But the point here is that he can’t attack Iran independently. Theoretically he could. But he can’t exact the sort of damage that would be necessary to set back Iran’s nuclear program in any significant way. So the only thing that really matters is that he said he can live with it.

      As for what Bibi gets, we shall see. The visit to Saudi Arabia to lobby for it to join the Abraham Accords is one part of the bargain I’m sure.

  5. But his emotional appeal appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

    “The silence I have received from President Biden in response to my despairing plea to him last month [March] on CNN from an Evin prison cell hardly gives the impression that rescuing the US hostages in Iran is a Biden administration priority,” Siamak Namazi said in a statement released by his lawyer Jared Genser.

    Rumors circulating in #Iran Telegram news channels that AmCit hostage @sianamazi informed his family he’ll be freed from Evin Prison w/in days are completely unfounded. [Source: Jared Genser June 1, 2023]

    1. @ Oui: This is completely unreliable. All accounts of the possible deal include a provision for releasing US citizen hostages. There are only 2 I know of, one of which is Namazi. Biden would never accept freedom for one, and abandon the other.

      Namazi’s statement was made before news of the potential deal was reported. Quoting this as if his statement came afterward is irresponsible, even reckless, since a man’s life and freedom are at stake.

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