5 thoughts on “Netanyahu: IDF Trains to Suppress Israeli-Palestinian Uprising – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. When I read the article from כאן, I envision the current government intends to start a war, make it impossible for Israeli Palestinians not to fight, and then drive all Palestinians out of the region under Zionist control.

    1. The Israeli government probably (a) believes that Biden is the last Democratic president that would take no action against Israel in such a scenario and (b) worries that the Republican Party is destroying itself.

      The Israeli government also has statisticians that see the same statistical trends that I see.

      1. Bibi has Joe over a barrel … any move by the US perceived in favor of “terrorists” of Gaza and West Bank will make Biden lose the election. Obama tried to interfere in Israeli election with no succes, Netanyahu returned the favor in 2016 in a coalition with Arab states and oligarch funds. Trump “the savior” won to his own surprise.

  2. Palestinian Uprising color the revolution red …

    Unlike the other colour revolutions and the Arab uprising of 2011 where Big Tech support gave regime change a chance. Unfortunately, American big tech is biased and compromised by Pentagon contracts to serve MIC, not We the People. The warning from Dwight Eisenhower went unheeded, and risks 1984 intrusion in our lives became a reality. Fascism reigns in America, Europe and Middle East. Dare not look any further towards authoritarian regimes.

    Born in 1945, witnessed history as ideals went to waste and much more. No more wars went lame after the fall of Communism. What’s next?

    Becomes clear why the GCC states were willing to give China a chance, the only option to provide security and peace in the region. Reception of president Abbas during 4-day visit in Beijing sent a cautionary signal. Did Biden withdraw the proposed mini nuclear deal with Iran?

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