9 thoughts on “Israeli Anti-Government Protests: What’s Missing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Why aren’t more Palestinian Israelis protesting? After all. they’d be the first to feel the heat if the Right’s judicial reforms are enacted.

    PS. Now that you and I are in agreement on this, and other issues, can you please rescind my ‘one comment’ restriction?

    1. @ Jay:

      After all. they’d be the first to feel the heat if the Right’s judicial reforms are enacted.

      What should Palestinians protest? What has the system ever offered them? What have the courts offered them? When have they ever won their rights or changed any discriminatory policy via the courts? What makes you think that an enfeebled court would be any worse for Palestinians than the current one?

      You may publish 2 comments in a thread. Let’s see how that goes.

        1. @ Jay: Not exactly sure what you meant with the link. But the liberal Zionist Haaretz wants to have it both ways: admit that Israeli Palestinians are largely boycotting the protests; while attempting to argue that Israelis Palestinians (at least the few it interviewed) are good citizens who want to join with their Jewish brethren. When it does this, Haaretz sickens me. It’s the sort of liberal “even-handedness” the NYT specializes in.

  2. Agreed…But I thought it was a good thing that so many are waking up. The protests are about the surface layer, what Israel has come to because of the refusal to accept Palestinians on what most, now seemingly all, Jewish Israeli’s claim as solely their land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.

      1. @ Punch:

        Palestinian Arabs claim the land is theirs, ‘from the River to the Sea’

        Actually, that’s not what Israeli Palestinians believe. And it’s not even what Palestinians under Occupation believe. Until the past few years, when Israeli governments rejected two states, opinion polls shows the majority of Palestinians supported two states over one-state. But that has changed as Israel has moved to the extreme right.

        But even a one-state solution contradicts your claim. All Palestinians, even those in Hamas, understand that under one-state there will be democratic elections in which Jews and Palestinians will compete, and even form multi-ethnic coalitions. It will be a state of all its citizens and not a state owned by one people or another.

  3. You know what I don’t like about your posts, that you are constantly asking for money. It’s like begging. It really turns me off. Why not just stick to the news?

    1. @ Barbara:

      You know what I don’t like about your posts

      No, but ask me if I care.

      you are constantly asking for money

      You clearly do not understand the Jewish concept of tzedakah. It is a sacred commitment to financially support worthy causes which make the world a better place. All of the hundreds of donors who’ve given to support my journalism over the past 20 years understand and appreciate that. The fact that you do not understand the importance of offering such support speaks much more to your cluelessness than to me.

      Further, you pay for your internet, TV, newspaper. All of them provide you “the news” which you visit here to read. Yet what I offer here is somehow a different, lesser category. You are a hypocrite. But if you don’t value the reporting here, I suggest you find a different media outlet to provide the news coverage you find here.

      you are constantly asking for money

      Not really. But if people like you actually donated, I wouldn’t have to ask for donations. They would pour in without my request. I consider what I do here a calling. Something important to me and my readers. I ask them to support it and show they value it.

      There are hundreds of thousands of blog which request donations. If what I do bothers you, I suggest you go to a site which doesn’t demand you pay a subscription or ask for donations.

      Do not respond to this comment.

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