4 thoughts on “US Ambassador Tells Israel “We’ve Got Your Back” If You Attack Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Bibi Netanyahu knows how to gin up a war to divert the voters’ attention from political problems back home.”

    And we are headed for a presidential election here. So I think this is political posturing. I hope that quietly what Nides has said is clarified. No one, neither us Israel or Iran, wants the consequences of action. Iran wants the capability to respond to Israel’s threat i.e. deterrence and parity with Israel’s own nuclear capability. Bibi has used Iran for years to deflect attention away from the internal situation in Israel and his own personal one. He has fomented and nurtured fear and hate and been successful at it.

    BTW- Tom Friedman is getting seriously awakened.

    1. @Potter

      “Iran wants the capability to respond to Israel’s threat i.e. deterrence and parity with Israel’s own nuclear capability”

      No. Iran wants regional hegemony, She wants to dominate the entire region, but especially the Arab world from Baghdad to Jerusalem, and a nuclear weapon will help facilitate that end.

      It is the Arab world that is Iran’s historical enemy, not the Jewish State.
      Of course, this assumes the Ayatollah Khameini is a pragmatist who doesn’t subscribe to radical Islamist ideas that the Jewish State is somehow tied in with apocalyptic times and the final battle between Good and Evil. (See, Dajjal, the Antichrist)

      1. I disagree.I believe Iran wants Mutually Assured Destruction with regard to nukes- deterrence. The rest including hegemony is political and conventional. Israel is not neutral either. Israel has allied itself with Iran’s enemies. Therefore Israel has made it’s situation worse vis a vis Iran when this was not inevitable… I may add that the Occupation is a factor… as always.

        1. @Potter

          “Israel has allied itself with Iran’s enemies”

          Do you disagree that Israel;’s arch enemy was once Saddam Hussein’s Iraq; also Iran’s arch enemy, and that Israel once provided arms to Iran?

          For reasons unknown to you or I, the ayatollahs never tried to further their brief alliance with Israel.

          And please don’t drag out that discredited claim about how Israel supported the Shah. All nations supported the oil rich Shah back than, but most especially, France and the United States.
          Oh, and lets not forget that it was the ayatollahs, not Israel, that were instrumental in installing the Shah to the throne back in the fifties.

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