4 thoughts on “Former IDF General: Arrest Gantz and Lapid for Treason – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Mr. Silverstein:
    I read your reports regularly with great interest. However this time your explanations are seemingly plagued with amnesia.
    As I recall, when the Israeli right opposed the Rabin government’s Oslo accords, the then left-wing government did all in it’s power to inhibit any and all forms of protest, while utilizing all branches of the government, including the military, to further their cause. Why was it then permissible whereas at present, it is not?

    1. @ Delores: You don’t “recall” correctly. In fact, the Rabin government was a truly democratic government (of a deeply flawed country, but that’s another story). No different than any other western democracy in terms of how it dealt with protest.

      In fact, there were numerous protests against Rabin, including the infamous one in which Netanyahu incited Rabin’s murder. How can you say that a protest of thousands in the heart of Jerusalem was “inhibiting any and all forms of protest.” There was another protest Bibi attended in which there was a coffin with Rabin’s name on it and a noose over the coffin. I didn’t see police or Shin Bet agents stopping that vulgar display. Either you yourself have amnesia or you’re arguing in bad faith. You people on the right seem to believe that you are the victims, never the victimizers. When in truth it is almost always the other way around. As it is in this case.

      Only one comment per thread, please. You may comment in other threads. But you have had your one comment in this one.

  2. <em>Israel now has a fascist government</em>
    If you take issue with “just now” I can agree, for more than a decade the characteristics of fascist rule has been part of the Jewish State of Israel. As Richard pointed out, the Rabin years offered a true chance for a future living side by side with your neighbours. Hate killed Rabin and will destroy more lives.
    I truly abhor the West for looking the other way when a “friend” abuses human rights on a grand scale. The enthusiasm to work with Netanyahu as leader was distasteful … to reaction to Kahane-style provocation and terror was hypocritic.
    Tory fan Mark Rutte adds his two bits: “I underlined the Netherlands’ continuing support for a two-state solution, and its opposition to any steps that put this in jeopardy.”
    Mark closest advisors are a class of PR people and a large contingent of lawyers on how to circumvent the Geneva Convention on asylum and treatment refugees [mostly Syrian] in accordance with ECHR laws and EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Today Dutch Supreme Court will correct his stupidity.

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