8 thoughts on “Netanyahu’s Plan to Destroy Israel’s Supreme Court and Rule of Law – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If Israel becomes that Taleban style country which this article predicts and which is more than likely, what will it mean to the certain anti-Aliyah from Israel? Should the less motivated 1 or 2 million Jews moving to their second passport country or else to western countries to be welcomed? Certainly the majority of them had participated to the transmission and development of Israel at least in the form of not voting for a real democratic option.

    Would it be wrong if “we in the west” treated them like they and their fellows in Israel treated Palestinians and non-Jews in Israel?

    To make the problem more complicated – what if after this certainly violent nationalistic-religious “experiment” the Jewish voters make a u-turn and make Israel to Palestine where everybody has equal rights and after it 1-2 million violent frustrated religious settlers decide to move to their second passport country or else to western countries? Should they be welcomed?

    1. @ SimoHurtta: The vast majority of those who are or will emigrate will be highly educated tech workers, mostly secular. They are considerably more liberal than the average Israeli. SO I doubt they’re going to export fascism to their new homes. Poor Jews and Palestinians will not be able to emigrate. They’re stuck.

  2. Gantz’s call for mass protests is the right one.
    I’m afraid however, that ordinary Israeli citizens will not organize and rise to the challenge.

    Perilous times indeed.

  3. No Richard, you’re wrong. You will see a rising up of secular Israel like never before. I don’t want to use a word like civil war, but secular Israel will fight back.

    1. @ Yankel: Ain’t gonna happen. The history of Israel is full of mass movements which fizzled. THere have been so many I can’t remember them all. This will likely be one of them. And I say this not as someone who wants them to fail. Just the opposite.

      One of the problems with these movements is that they rise up in opposition to one particular grievance. You can easily pick people off by waving a few shekels or saying a few sympathetic words. Then most of them go home. These movements ignore much more important fundamental problems because there is no consensus on how to tackled them; or because Israelis simply prefer to ignore them.

  4. Hey there Richard – have you noticed that your posts are beginning to be redundant? Perhaps your most often used word is fascist. Or maybe Nazi. And the content and context continue to be “the same old thing.”
    I have a suggestion for you: start using AI to write your articles. Stick into the app a few key words and it will do the rest. Program it to churn out a new feature every day or so for the next four years. Then you can go on a well deserved vacation until the next election in 2026, when Yariv Levin, or maybe even Ben Gvir will be elected to be Prime Minister. I suggest you go to Antarctica, it’s quiet there, no radio, TV or internet, that would only push up your blood pressure. Have a great time, ice skating.

    1. @ David Wilder:

      your posts are beginning to be redundant? Perhaps your most often used word is fascist

      Actually I repeat the word “fascist” for thick-headed people like you, In advertising, they say the average consumer is so dumb you have to repeat the product name 27 times before it sinks in. Well you are that dumb average Zionist.

      As for “Nazi,” no I use the word sparingly. But I’m not afraid to use it when it’s appropriate. Now, if you don’t like the term, why don’t you tell your fascist friends in Israel to stop behaving like Nazis. Oh and btw, instead of offering meaningless empty bromides devoid of any proof, why don’t you try to dissprove my specific comparisons between Kahane’s “Laws” and Nuremberg Laws? You see, those are clear historical parallels. What you offer is narischkeit. Empty slogans. Your average run of the mill hasbaroid.

      I have a suggestion for you

      When I need a suggestion from you, I’ll ask. Actually, I lied. I’ll never ask.

      As for the rest of your comment: blah, blah, blah. YOu like to hear the sound of your own keyboard clicking.

      One final warning: if you think you’re being witty or cutting or ironic or satiric–you aren’t. Comments here must have substance and content. Insults and witless attempts at wit are neither. Post something like this again & you’ll be outa here.

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