4 thoughts on “After Declaring PaIestinian Civil Society “Terrorists,” US Fetes Benny Gantz with White House, CENTCOM Meetings – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The evidence against these organizations exists, but it is rather flimsy.


    However much you may loathe NGO Monitor, that group has shown that individual members of these now banned Palestinian Human Rights groups, have had personal affiliations with the PFLP.

    Photographs of these now banned activists sitting on a dais under a PFLP banner sipping tea is not proof that the organizations that employed them were tooth and jowl with PFLP.

    And lest we forget, PFLP is a terrorist organization.

    See, Armed Attacks After 2000.


    1. @braintree: Not only do I “loathe” that POS lying sham. Nothing it says is accurate, credible or truthful. I have not only followed it closel;y (including the libel suits it lost againt those Palestinian NGOs it reported on) but I’ve closely read their claims about these particular NGOs. Not only are their claims about the groups mendacious, their claims about the individuals are as well. They offer pure hearsay or invented affiliations which fall apart once you spend even a minute researching their sources. Don’t ever link here to the POS group (I won’t even mention it’s name) and don’t reference any claims they make. Even mentioning their name in the comment threads make me feel dirty.

      I don’t credit anything including photographs if it is the source.

      PFLP has nothing NOTHING to do with these groups. Do you even begin to think that a Palestinian NGO under intense surveillance by Israel secret police would permit even a remote affiliation with PFLP?? You may be credulous enough to believe that. But no reasonable person would. So just give it a rest.

      No further comments in this thread.

      1. @Richard:
        The way I understand this article, by its title, is the pat on the back Gantz has received from your people. Granted that Useful Idiot Ganz probably banned the NGO’s without justification. However the issue here is not him. Rather than whining about him, you should write to your congressman – as they say in America.

        1. @ Eli Gal: No, the issue is certainly him. He is the war criminal who must be held accountable for his crimes while commanding the IDF and now in committing pogroms against NGOs. As for welcoming him to the White House, this is one of the many items on the list for progressives that make Biden a washout. As for Congress, that avenue is hopeless except for the few progressive serving there (my Representative Pramila Jayapal is one of them).

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