11 thoughts on “Jerusalem Day = Nuremberg Day – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: Use of Nazi terms may only be used when based on close historical parallels drawn between that era and this one. Use of such terms as hate slogans devoid of such context are not permitted. Not to mention that it was an Islamophobic slur and a lie.]

    1. “Jerusalem Day = Nuremberg Day”

      Only Richard can reference the Nazi era.

      Animal Farm rules apply.

      1. @ troubled man: Apparently you can’t read. Or can’t read things you prefer not to read.

        I made very clear, historical parallels between Nazism and the Jerusalem Day pogrom. They were made in careful historical context.

        You offered an outright lie that Hamas sought to make Israel (or Jerusalem, I can’t remember) Judefrei (I can’t remember if you used that term or Judenrein). That’s false on its face and doesn’t correspond in any way with Hamas’ views or policy. Not to mention that even if Hamas wanted to do what Israel actually did do to its indigenous Palestinian population, it could not do so. It does not control territory as the Yishuv did in ’48, nor have weapons to be able to do so.

        So your claims fail on every basis. You’re guilty of empty sloganeering. There are many other sites where this sort of approach would be more at home. It isn’t here.

        Further, you’re using multiple IP addresses indicating you’re using a proxy server and likely attempting to conceal your location or doing so other related for other reasons, all of whcih I fund suspicous and inauthentic behavior. Please tell your colleagues at Hasbara Central that such behavior is not only a red flag here, but a dead giveaway of bad intent.

        Now because I have tired of your repeated pro-Israel chauvinism and outright lies, you are banned.

  2. Richard, how can you claim that Jews thrived for 2000 years? Pogroms, inquisitions, mass expulsions and holocaust were the fate of Jews for two millennia. Only back in the Land can Jews defend themselves.

    1. @Alan Jackson: Do not conflate Jews with Israelis. Jews are not defending themselves. Israelis are. Israelis represent only themselves. Not all Jews.

      You are saying that if you had to make a choice between Jewish suffering and Arabs suffering at the hands of Israelis, you prefer the latter. That’s a Faustian bargain I’m not prepared to make. And as B. Michael noted in today’s Haaretz, all of our enemies have been defeated or perished. We alone haven’t. And won’t.

      Jews no longer need a refuge from Diaspora suffering. In fact, inflicting mass violence on other peoples is itself an Offense against Jewish values and traditions.

  3. Another coke state switches from being oppressed to the oppressor. Suriname … their gold gets laundered by a UAE conglomerate. One pariah state ties to another.

  4. From 1948 till 1967 Jews weren’t allowed to set foot in east Jerusalem, not for 1 day a year but for 365 days a year, the old city of Jerusalem etc, Jewish holy sites, synagogues were destroyed, contrast with since 1967 arabs live freely in east Jerusalem, west Jerusalem not for one day a year but for 365 days a year, and one day a year shops may have to be closed (I am not aware of details of closures).

    Shame Richard your voice wasn’t around from 1948-1967, oh and don’t recall any arab, Jordanian or Palestinian blogging about those poor Jews who were forbidden access 365 days a year

    1. @ Twotch: Most of your comment is either a lie or disingenous. It’s not that Jews “weren’t permitted” in East Jerusalem. What you don’t mention is that there was a war and Israel conquered Arab territory and incorporated it as its sovereign territory. In the process, it destroyed 400 formerly Palestinian villages within that territory. It also expelled 1-million indigenous Palestinians from it. Were they “given access” to their homes after the war? No, in fact they were considered ‘infiltators’ and often killed if they tried to return. So yes, in return the Jordanians didn’t look too favorably on Jews entering their own territory. Now, there I fixed it for you.

      As for destroying synagogues, the Israelis too destroyed mosques and other holy Muslim sites as they continue to do to this day. Facts are inconvenient things, aren’t they?

      As for Palestinians “living freely” in East Jerusalem: again, not true. In fact, many Muslim and Christian families have been expeled from their homes in the Old City by Jewish setters thieves. Not to mention restrictions are routinely placed on their ability to worship at Haram al Sharif. Not to mention there is wholesale theft of Palestinian homes in other neibhborshoods like Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah. As for that “one day a year.” You mean that one day a year when they live in abject terror of the marauding ravening beasts who perpetrate spasms of violence against them? Let’s see if you’re imprisoned in your home with a mob baying for your blood. See how you like it.

      Do not EVER publish another comment here using the degrading term “arab.” First, the word is capitalized when used. Second, Palestinians do not use the term “Arab.” So you don’t get to do so here either.

      Do not publish another comment in this thread.

      1. You fail to mention that in 1948 the Arab world declared war on Israel. Based on your logic if Israel was to declare war on Arabs living in Israel then it need not allow and Arabs to live in Israel and if it nevertheless did it would be lauded. Understand that dissenting views are challenging for you and you can simply say don’t post again in this thread

        1. @ Twotch: I’m not deleting this comment though it is off topic. Make sure in future all your comments relate directly to the post. Failing to do so will lead to moderation of banning. Second rule you broke: no comments on my editorial decisions. If you don’t like them go elsewhere. No one put a gun to your head and forced you here.

          Actually in 1948, Israel declared its independence and Ben Gurion knew it would lead to war. He believed that he would win the war, which he largely did. It was BG’s chutzpah which started the war. Don’t distort the real history with hasbara.

          if Israel was to declare war on Arabs living in Israel then it need not allow and Arabs to live in Israel and if it nevertheless did it would be lauded.

          I haven’t a clue what you’re saying.

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