20 thoughts on “Israel: the Police State – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Hahaha. You’re justification of police brutality is disgusting. Pallbearers, who were getting kicked and beaten with batons , were also somehow throwing ‘dozens of water bottles’ at the same time they were holding her coffin ???

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    2. what kind of idiot are you? the murder of a journalist by Israel’s military was political. So dozens of water bottles were thrown at those who were using batons and fists? Terrible.

      Occupation, military repression, land theft, attacks on children don’t come out of nowhere. They are inherent in the politics of a racist ‘Jewish’ state

    3. @ You ain’t no Lord Byron: Aw, the police must just be butthurt that angry Palestinians, whose beloved journalist was murdered in cold blood, threw a few water bottles at them. Gee, that’s terrible. In that case, I take it all back. Those mean, nasty Palestinian thugs deserved every last bit of what the cops gave them. That’ll teach ’em a lesson. Daring the raise their arms against our brave Judeo Blackshirts, the pride of the Jewish nation.

    4. what where those fascist thugs ( ‘Border Police’ ) doing there, it’s the occupied East Jerusalem, no?…ooh, and they were so eager to confiscate any and all Palestinian flags…what a pathetic, neurotic and simple-minded bunch of Zionists actually

        1. @ Trouble: You give “simple” a bad name. First, Israel has no religious, or any claim on the streets of East Jerusalem where this police pogrom happened. It is Palestine and the world does not recognize any Israeli claim there. So it has no right to determine who, what or which flag is flown there. Second, East Jerusalem streets are not sacred space for Jews. So the notion that Israeli police should view the streets as the same as the Kotel is preposterous

          Are you the best that Hasbara Central has to offer??

          1. @ Becky: NO! Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s. The only reason Biden hasn’t rescinded the recognition is that he’d feel the fury of the Israel Lobby. So I don’t care what the purported policy is. The policy was adopted by an American monster. No Americans except right wing pro Israel Jews and some Christina evangelicals accept this policy.

            But hey, if you want to hold up Donald Trump as Israel’s monster, be my guest.

          2. The Jerusalem Embassy Act (see link, above), was a law passed by both Houses of Congress in 1995, and has nothing to do with Donald Trump. President Clinton was in office when the law was passed.

            You obviously don’t like this law, but you must concede that the United States has recognized Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem.

          3. @ trouble man: You either don’t know what the Embassy Act was; or you do know and you’re deliberately mischaracterizing what it was. It was a law passed which expressed the wish that the US move its embassy. However, it offered a president an easy way out by saying it was up to his or her discretion when and whether to implement. Curiously, no president chose to do so for the past 25 years until Trump came along and blew up Israel-US relations and practically blew up the Republic.

            I do not recognize that Israel has sovereignty over both east and west Jerusalem. I do not agree that the US should recognize Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem by housing its embassy in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a disputed city, not a united one. East Jerusalemites reject Israeli sovereignty as does most of the world. Almost all Americans who even know about the issue disagree with Israel’s position and the move of the embassy. Not even most American Jews agree with the move. Biden only maintains Trump’s horrible decision because he would have to cross the Lobby to reverse it.

            This topic is over. It is off-topic to begin with. In future, if you continue to post off topic comments it will further jeopardize your participation here.

          4. Jerusalem was supposed to be an international city and a shared Capitol between the Jewish; nation-state of Israel, and the nascent nation-state of Palestine (the latter of which is comprised of West Bank, Gaza Strip and Arab East Jerusalem). Jewish West Jerusalem is supposed to be the Capitol of Israel, and Arab East Jerusalem the Capitol of Palestine.

            It’s high time that the international community moved in and enforced the 2-state solution, with Jerusalem as a shared Capitol between the two nation-states of Israel and Palestine.

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  1. richard richard richard, really do you expect anything to happen really, is that what your medical marijane cloud tells you, need i remind you that except for scotus all branches of us gov are funded by aipac. really your cloud forgot that, nah ah, nada’s gonna change,
    you say israel is a country for jews, nah ah, its a country for RICH BILLIONAIRES JEWS, NOT REGULAR FLOOR CLEANING JEWS. there isn’t a single anything rich in here that does not have it’s legs in dirty money one way or another whether its obvious or not so obvious, nothing happens here that does not start from rich dirty hands that would not be able to do the same thing anywhere else in the whole world. without the protection of the entire knesset for IAI to NSO from leviev to abramovic
    smell the koffee, please

    1. just to make my point, there isn’t a single law protecting renters. not one
      there isn’t a single law, making sure the construction of buildings with apartments to rent. not one. this country is the real estate far west, come buy as many holes in the wall as you wish, you wont pay taxes and we wont tell the irs either. do you think most shmos have on average no less than half a million us greenbacks to buy an 80sq mr apt. nah ah. come look at tel aviv new 5th ave sky scrappers that retails for no less than 6.000.000 us $ as base price. are these for you and me, nah ah

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