20 thoughts on “Israeli Military Censor Permits Reporting on Druze Special Forces Commander Killed by Friendly Fire – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. Surely to be shot by Palestinian Gunpeople or Israeli forces, depending upon which narrative is believed (or not).

  1. And all of a sudden the Zionist snakes ( Lieberman and Lapid for now ) are suggesting that the supremacist racist Nation State Law should be amended to include the Druze. And as we know not because of decency and equality ( inconclusivity ) but because of political expediency.

    1. @ Willem: First the Druze are important cannon fodder for the IDF and one of the few Palestinian ethnic groups who will enlist in the army. Second, they represent what Israel calls the “Arab” element in the IDF and so are a useful hasbara tool. These are reasons to exclude Druze from the Nation State law. Though I’m not sure how they could do this. Are they going to start treatng Druze as if they’re Jewish? That would be weird for the Druze I think.

      1. waste of saliva on a tucker/hannity booster, too bad that the likes of him can take a gun travel 200m in order to “cleanse” the u.s. according to their credo.
        from afar i hope and prey you find your way out of the rabbit hole fast, sadly once 45th let the devil out of pandora’s box it’ll take a lot of souls to put it back, having lived in egypt/56 – montevideo/66 canada/70 , you are at the start of a very long process, think 20 odd years before the mending starts , prayers lots

  2. Richard, I have another theory as to why the murdering IDF/Israel do not want the killing of Shireen to be exposed. And this is not the first time that they know who did the killing and then cover it up/lie about it.
    I reckon they are afraid it might dampen the bloodlust of some of the Israeli soldiers/snipers/special forces. The shoot first policy cannot be tampered with and all the ‘great’ Zionist defenders should know no drastic consequences/convictions will follow when they murder the ‘terrorists’, be it women or children.

    1. @ rss: No, Hamas did not break Kheireddine’s identity. It did not know his name or rank. I did. Did you even bother to read anything in the post beyond the headline to understand what exactly I reported and why that broke a major part of the story?

  3. Please do not compare “…The pro-Israel social media warriors…” to our Hans Brinker. He did it to save people!

  4. Richard, how do you rationalise an Arab who as you write so extensively are so discriminated against in Israeli society, by israeli authorities etc etc, wanting to join IDF, remaining in its ranks for so many years, willing to give up his life for his country?

    1. @ ock: First, it’s not “Arab.” Palestinians may be Arab in the sense that they speak an Arabic dialect (different than the dialect spoken by Israeli Palestinians), but not in the context of Israeli society, unless you adopt the racist nomenclature of Israeli Jews. They are Palestinian or Israeli Palestinian or Palestinian citizens of Israel. Do not use the term “Arab” here when referring to Palestinians.

      Second, Druze do not consider themselves “Arab” in the sense you are using it. They have their own religion and their own traditions which, while bearing some similarities to Islam, is quite different. They do not consider themselves Muslim. On the other hand, the vast majority of Palestinians are Muslim.

      Third, the Druze have always had a tight relationship with Israel. They are the favored “Arab” ethnic group. They’ve always enlisted in the IDF (though that is rapidly changing as hate against Israeli Palestinians increases). As such, this relationship marks them as quite different from their Palestinian peers.

      Fourth, the Druze face the same job, health, education discrimination as other Palestinians. So joining the IDF is a good gig for them. They get a steady job, steady income, and a certain status in their community and among Jews.

      How much of that did you already know? If nothing, then you’re ignorant. If you knew some of it but omitted here you’re acting in bad faith. If you knew all of it and deliberately omitted it, you’re a liar and a fraud. Which is it?

      1. from all my life never tell a druze he’s a muslim, never , lived in egypt and woe of you if you said you’re a druze, there is no lost love between these two. so the muslim will cut to you to pieces if you mention the d word, and the druze will pray for your soul.
        second for israel anyone not approved by the bought and paid for rabbis then you’re not a jew, PERIOD. even the orthodox of NY are not considered jews for the local haredim.
        druze live in israel because until now they werent considered a blight, they serve because the idf will use them as NON JEWISH (see we accept arabs in the army, arabs not palestinians)
        as for laws druze are in the bucket as muslims, they dont exist
        to give you an e.g the minister in charge of construction refused a building permit to the druze hero’s father to be built in the name of THE DRUZE HERO. yup, you can spill your blood but dont ask for anything ever, it wont pass. EVEN SHAKED SAID SHE WONT LET THE LAW BE AMENDED TO INCLUDE THE DRUZE. so that’s how much israel cares about any non jew.. btw for the religious haredim the other 7 millions plus nor haredim are not jews either,

  5. You write:“Hence the censorship of much of the story till now” However, most of the story was publicized by Israeli media at real time.
    You also call Druze Arabs. I do not know how many Druze you know, I know quite a few and they definitly do not see themsleves as Arabs. Some may take offense if you call them like that.

    1. @Old Nag: for what is the 10th time I’ve done this: Israeli media did not report Kheireddine’s name, rank, unit, ethnic identity nor his native village. I did.

      You as usual completely misunderstand my use of the term “Arab” Israeli. The reason the word Arab is in quotes is that the vast majority of Israeli Jews consider him Arab and make no Distinction between Druze and Palestinian Muslims. They are all the same amorphous Other. That is why the Druze receive the same racist treatment all other Israeli Palestinians experience. It is why the Nation a state law makes no such distinction and ehynthebUsraeku right wing MKs refuse to rewrite the law to exclude Druze. Israel is a Jewish state for Jews only. Druze are outside it, lumped into that discriminated against minority, otherwise known as “Arab.”

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