28 thoughts on “IDF Sniper’s Cold-Blooded Murder of Palestinian-American Al Jazeera Journalist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ troubled man: as i write above: your video isn’t worth a bucket of warm piss:

      A senior Israeli official, in a statement sent to reporters, said that the army’s assessment was based on evidence that included video footage in which a gunman is heard saying in Arabic, “We hit a solider, he’s on the ground.” The Israeli military said that no Israeli soldiers were injured during clashes in Jenin Wednesday and that the Palestinians in the video may have been referring to Abu Akleh.

      Yeah, and they may have been referring to my dead grandmother.

      So you’re claiming, along with obfuscating Israeli flacks, that a video taken from an unspecified place at an unspecified time, and in which Shireen is not pictured, is the video of her being killed? That doesn’t even pass the smell test.

    2. Why don’t you look at the images filmed by the journalists who were with Shireen Abu Akleh when she was killed ? Or the video made by B’Tselem ?
      It’s not at all the same place, and the hasbara knows that !

    1. perhaps that is because an Israeli investigation isn’t an investigation. It is an exercise in how best to cover up the truth. Shireen was shot in the neck by a sniper. There was no one firing around her. It was clearly an assassination or execution if you wish. We all know that Israel doesn’t like journalists who don’t echo their hasbara. Satisfied?

      1. richard: do you prostate issues, what’s with the warm piss, how do you know difference between normal and warm. just a tangent from the normal know-it-all jews. whatever the issue, they have the bang-on answer and you can bet your last overvalued shekel on it. and they always win by yelling louder and longer they think they can drown any ideas in other peoples brains. you complain bout idf investigations, heck that’s theis modus vivandi day in day out, whether it’s a palestinian or a simple shmo trying to untangle his daily problems. nope that attitude permeates most living jews. oh boohoo poor us, we’re so small and everyone is against us. reminds me of robert conrad battery on the shoulder ads.

  1. <blockquote>B’Tselem’s field researcher in Jenin documented the exact locations in which the Palestinian gunman depicted in a video distributed by the Israeli army, fired, as well as the exact location in which Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed. </blockquote>

    The two locations do not match!

  2. And again, independent journalists on YouTube covering this disgraceful murder of this amazing human being and journalist, are having their videos demonetised for covering this honestly.
    Journalists at the scene, known for their honesty are having their reporting ‘both sided’ by western media, by parroting the IDF lies and talking about ‘clashes’.
    American and western media are actually complicit in this murder with their coverage.
    Thank you Richard for covering this with truth.

  3. as its so clear and obvious that israel murdered the journalist, interesting that israel’s requests for joint post mortem investigation with PA, independent party, USA etc have gone unanswered by PA…

    1. @ ock: No, the proposals by the IDF for a “joint investigation” have not gone “unanswered.” The response has been the equivalent of “not on your f*ing life!” We all know how these so-called investigations go. Israel offers a thousands ways and reasons the victim they murdered wasn’t murdered at all. BTW, no Israeli has offered an independent investigation or one involving the US. In fact, the US has expressed confidence that Israel will get to the bottom of this and hold anyone accountable. Which means nothing. I don’t know where or how you invented that.

      Finally, Palestinians don’t need an Israeli investigation because they know how and why she died. They have the video and eyewitnesses to prove it. Any Israeli participation would give it further grounds for mudding the truth and the waters.

      1. [comment deleted: first, you don’t publish more than one comment in any thread. Second, you make every comment on topic. No comments the drag in other subjects unrelated to the post. Third, try that snark again and I’ll ban your ass and I’ll burn it.]

          1. I was replying to a comment saying this is a new Mohamed al-Durrah case.
            I don’t know what the other commenter meant but I was thinking at the hasbara accusing Palestinians when all international investigations show he was killed by the Israeli army !

  4. The PA’s own pathologist has just now released a statement, that they can’t confirm which side shot her. This seems to lean heavily that she was shot by the Palestinians.

      1. It’s not a lie. The fact that the PA itself now refuses to say that Israel killed her, seems to demonstrate that they themselves aren’t sure. In other words, the Palestinian terrorists killed her, exposing you as an evil self-hating Jew, hurling blood curdling defamations against the world’s only Jewish state. Shame on you!

        1. @ Barry: Again, no. Times of Israel, a site known for being serially fooled by hoaxes published an anonymous claim that the Palestinian pathologist could not determine whether Israel was responsible. First, your source lacks any credibility. Second, the source is anonymous. Third, there has been no official statement from the Palestinian side on this at all. So you’re peddling bullshit. Fragrant bullshit as far as hasbarists like you are concerned. But bullshit nonetheless.

          1. Why is it that you ban everyone who disagrees with you? What is wrong with having a discussion with someone who has an opinion different to yours?

          2. @ Alex: If you don’t like the way I run this blog then why are you here? I didn’t invite you. If you stay you stay on my terms. Not yours. No further comments on my editorial decisions.

  5. She took a risk like many other journalists in conflict areas and sadly it ended bad for her 😦

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