6 thoughts on “Senior Israeli Security Minister: We Will Redeem the Temple Mount, Make It Ours – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @G Doumen
    Damage has already been done throughout the Western “civilized” world through rightwing parties promoting Islamophobia.

    MK Erdan: Let’s boost Evangelical ties [JPost archive – May 2007]

    Likud MK Gilad Erdan faulted the political parties – especially the religious ones – for causing this disconnect among the nation’s youth, whom, he said, had an “amazing ignorance” of Judaism’s 101’s, despite living in the Jewish state. “If our youth does not know about our history, our culture, and our inheritance, there will be no reason to live here in the decades ahead,” he said.

  2. This is why the whole area should be under international control by a UN committee including members of all the religions.

    Israel had made the case after the ’48 and ’67 wars that only Israel can protect the holy sites allowing access to all. This, as the years, decades, go by, has been shown not to be true.

    We see slow motion (or not so slo mo) burgeoning and spreading of Jewish Israel into what should be for Palestinians and for peaceful coexistence. It’s for the Palestinians like being a frog boiled in tepid water under a fire. But they are behinds walls, the pain not seen or felt, not felt until it erupts.
    Israel, the political right wing especially, after killing the left, seeks hegemony dominance obliteration.This is evidenced in the archeological programs elsewhere (e.g. City of David), politically motivated, to prove the Jewish right to be there while neglecting destroying Palestinian homes and villages, agricultural lands of centuries.

    I used to say, out of frustration, that all the holy sites should be burned to the ground. We’d be better off. But I would like to visit too!

    There would be no reason that settlers or anyone else could not visit and pray at the Temple Mount if there was mutual respect and tolerance. Israel,Jews, were supposed to show the way as they hubristically thought themselves “more civilized”. The ones in power for long years, (presumably by the will of the people, fear mongered for purposes of political power) have opted for military might. Lower natures in the name of God and the lessons of the Bible so construed, have taken over.

  3. Mr. Richard Silverstein.

    Minister Erdan must not provoke the Muslims.
    Israel should respect Jordanian custodianship and Jews must not try to rebuild the Temple.

    Only Messiah can rebuild the Temple.

    The Temple is located underground, underneath the al Kas Fountain.
    See Tuvia Sagiv’s Temple Mount Organization website and you will understand this mystery.

    The Temple can be studied scientifically using underground technologies like ground-penetrating radar (GPR), a geophysical method using radar pulses to view the subsurface.

  4. In the future, there may be an attempt to build a third Temple on this site in Jerusalem. Yet it never will be completed. God will prevent it. For example, the Roman emperor, Julian the Apostate, tried to build a third Temple in Jerusalem solely to spite Jesus Christ; but God thwarted his efforts.

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