6 thoughts on “Israeli Spyware Developer, NSO Group, On the Ropes; Considers Sale to US Investment Firm – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Kings have been gifting each other, at least since the Bronze Age.
    It’s part of Diplomacy.

    But if Netanyahu gives MBS some spyware in a quid pro quo, that’s sensational.

    1. @ Nate: Holy moly! Bibi is a king? So his followers who shout “Bibi melech Yisrael” were right all along! THanks for clearing that up.

      But for the rest of us who prefer an Israel that is not a monarchy, it’s much harder to explain why one king would gift another with the ability to destroy the lives of the subjects of both their kingdoms and half the other kingdoms in the world. That just doesn’t seem like a terribly beneficial gift unless that monarch doesn’t give a crap about his own subjects or any others. That, as far as I’m concerned, fit Bibi to the hilt.

  2. Somehow, the words “integrity” and “credibility” seem terribly out of place when applied to these corporate entities.

  3. Well, I’d guess that it was some interest within US State, interested in the Finland intel, and Finland’s disposition to the west and Russia instead.. If so, US State used pegasus against Finland, since deep connections exist between NSO and US State, to my knowledge. regards

  4. Pegasus is like the first atom bomb, but in the cyber realm.
    The US wants to have and control it, and not let little pisher Israel have it.
    That’s what all the political scandal is about.

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