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  1. Richard, this is indeed very sad news. Thank heavens you are “on it.” Please keep us posted. Of course, I suspect foul play…at several levels.

  2. Richard,

    I have to say that I am unmoved by this. Of course, within the parameters of Israel’s militarised state, this was an injustice. Tomar served the state and was treated abysmally. But this is the state that Tomar served.

    My sympathies go out to the victims of the military machine that Tomar served. My support goes to those Israeli Jews who, despite being born within the heart of the Zionist beast break from it. I don’t have any sympathy for victims of Zionism whose only injustice is not being given equality in the role of oppressor

    1. @ Tony Greenstein: He was 25 years old. I don’t think one should make judgments on who or what someone that young will be. Besides, we don’t know what he allegedly did to deserve this fate. Did he rebel against the Unit? Did he do something contrary to regulations from a motive of conscience?

      1. 25 years old is old enough to know right from wrong and to take a position on serving in the army. Look at those fine young kids in the Shministim who refuse to serve. My tears are reserved for the young children who are abused as if they are adults and people like Iyad Hallak, the autistic boy who was murdered in cold blood.

        We will have to agree to disagree

    2. You have a valid point. However, an important morale of this “episode” is that a (virtually) kid who apparently came to know something inconvenient to the regime, lost his life and no one is held accountable. Not even an attempt to use some low level scapegoat.

      1. Yes absolutely Motti. This ‘Jewish State’ thinks nothing of murdering their own if they get in the way. This is the despicable state that has arisen – one that worships only race and strength

  3. And now of course the Israeli military is going to investigate itself and it is going to find that it in fact has committed no atrocities and no crimes and no one is going to be punished for what happened” ~Mohammad El-Kurd responding to Amy Goodman on the death of 80yo American Palestinian, Omar Assad,

  4. A black box in the State of Washington.
    “When a prisoner dies, the results of internal death investigations are rarely shared outside the department. Lawmakers and bereaved family members are often left guessing.”


    “When a prisoner dies in Washington state, the question of who is to blame often goes unaddressed. Meet the families, and their lawyers, who want answers.”

    “Crowell absorbed the information in a daze. Her daughter was dead. How could this have happened?, she thought. I just talked to Stephanie three days ago. She was in a safe place.
    Months later, in November, the county gave Crowell the autopsy report. It only raised more questions. The manner of death was undetermined. The cause was unexplained.”


    Sounds as if Washington State is no better than Israel when it comes to protecting their prisoners.

    1. @ Nate: Nice try. But it’s still a fail. Tomer Eiges was not a criminal as these Washington prisoners were. He was never convicted of a crime and never admitted to one. Presumbaly, the WA prisoners were convicted of a crime. I am not defending the procedures of the WA prison system nor minimizing the suffering of their surviving parents and loved ones. But I am making the distinction which you refuse to make.

      Not to mention that Tomer Eiges was a brilliant young person serving in the most elite unit in the IDF. As far as society is concerned, he was guilty of no crime (innocent till proven…) There is no comparison between the two scenarios. But again, I can’t fault you for trying. Though you might want to work on more creative scenarios.

      1. There is an exact comparison between the two.

        Stephanie Deal, aged 29, was also ‘guilty of no crime’ (innocent till proven..).
        She wasn’t tried, much less convicted of anything.
        Forty dollars cash bail would have gotten her out of jail, and away from the WA prison system.

        But she’s dead now, the same as Tomer.

        Her story isn’t a creative scenario, but a tragic fact.

        The only real difference is that Richard Silverstein prefers to shame faraway Israel, while ignoring a similar a dysfunctional institutional crisis present in his own State of Washington.


        1. @Nate: You could give a shit about Stephanie Deal. She is a useful prop to divert attention from your real goal to defend death and murder by the Israeli military prison system.

          Tomer had no Opportunity to make bail. He was held in prison for 9 months without bail. Nor did anyone but me protest his innocence by name. At least in Stephanie Deal’s case the media could name the victim and mourn her properly. So the cases are entirely dissimilar.

          And don’t you dare ever say I ignore the injustices of the Washington or US prison system. I am quite aware of the overall injustices in My own Country. The purpose of this blog is to recount the injustice of Israel and its national security state. If you want to adopt Washington’s failed prison system be my guest. But don’t get all high and mighty on me.

          Do not post again in This thread

    2. This is just a case of whataboutism which has become a very common practice in the defence of Israel. It should neither be an acceptable practice in Washington or Israel. These institutions are there to serve the people and the people that put them there have a right to know.

      1. Whataboutism isn’t about deflecting criticism but rather highlighting the hiporacy of people who single out thier target and pretend certain actions do jot take place in other cases.

  5. Richard,
    Let me expand a bit on what I previously wrote you. According to the Israeli TV news on Tomer, he was on two different anti-depressant medications while in military prison. They reported that he had 2 previous experiences of strong side effects on the medications but continued to take them. I believe this is a case of medical malpractice by prison medical staff who mistakenly, or not, did not monitor Tomer sufficiently. Serotonin Syndrome is a well known problem when combining certain anti-depressants and can cause the side effects Tomer reported and even his death.
    As long as the parents are shtum, the punishment for Tomer’s death will be punishment at the lowest levels, perhaps the prison medical staff. No one’s promotion will be denied. The IMCC (Israeli Military Cyber Complex) will keep on rolling along.

      1. Tomer was found unresponsive with foaming at the mouth.
        As per autopsy, no trauma and an inconclusive toxicology report.

        All available evidence suggests Tomer died of a seizure and anything other talk, RIchard, is idle speculation and does a great disservice to Tomer’s family and to his memory.


        1. Wrong! There is ZERO evidence that Tomer died of a seizure. Foaming at the mouth could be many things and no media report to my knowledge has specifically mentioned a seizure. Dear Sasha, by giving Tomer his name back, Richard has done a mitzva for Tomer, who’s name was blotted out by the Israeli regime and it’s laughable and arbitrary censorship laws.

        2. @ Sasha: “All available evidence?” What evidence? Talk about “idle speculation!” You have no evidence. The IDF has “evidence” its concealing. Tell them to release it. Then there will be real evidence.

          “A disservice to Tomer?” How dare you. I am the only journalist in the world who reported Tomer’s name and gave him the dignity as a victim of the IDF, he deserved. Don’t you dare accuse me of performing a disservice. Your hasbara efforts here, feeble as they are, are a disservice to truth and decency.

      2. A secondary toxicology report should have been able to show the specific concentrations of both drugs. Only the SSRI drug level was reported, the second drug was not named and no concentration level was reported. Why? You tell me.

          1. @ Sasha: Once again with the “available evidence!” There is no available evidence. At least not any that’s worth of speculation. It is extremely difficult to die of an overdose of the type of medication he would have been taking (anti-depressant or something similar).

            Don’t you dare tell us or anyone “it’s time to move on.” I find that presumptuous and offensive.

            You are done in thread. And you are beginning to get on my nerves. So I put you on notice.

        1. @ Yankel: Your comment gave me an idea. I wonder if Tomer had been misprescribed medication and had been taken much too large a dosage. Depending on what drug it was, this could have caused his death. And given the Israeli prison system and the awful medical “care” provided, it’s totally plausible someone made a terrible error in prescribing his meds. Though on the other hand, why wouldn’t the IDF admit this, as it would be easy to pin the blame on the lowly individual who made the error, and so absolve the IDF of overall responsibility.

    1. @ Yankel: I think what you are saying sounds about right. Given the terrible quality of medical care in army prisons, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this was a case of shocking medical error causing death.

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