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  1. My source has laid out a shocking counter-narrative. According to him, the Great Escape was nothing of the sort. The prisoners are not heroes at all. In fact, they are Israeli informants inside the prison. The “escape” was planned by Israeli authorities to transform them into resistance heroes and burnish their credentials so that other prisoners would trust them….’

    Wheels within wheels…

    Methinks you are being used. Had the Jews merely wanted to burnish the credentials of the ‘escapees’ they would have come up with some device that didn’t involve handing the Palestinians a propaganda victory: like, catch them all immediately.

    Now — it having happened — the best thing to do is to call into question the authenticity of the escapees. And who better to feed the (dis) information to than you?

    Think of it as a compliment. You’re important!

    1. Everything you’ve considered I have as well…more than once. Any thing’s possible. The source may be using me to put forward a narrative that kills many birds for him with a single stone. I don’t discount that possibility. But with only one exception I can recall, this source has been extremely reliable and candid (though not without his own agenda). As I wrote, we will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, I will be attentive to reporting on this story in Israel that either strengthens or weakens the narrative the source offered. And will update here accordingly.

      Make sure in future you distinguish between “Jews” and “Israelis” in your comments. They are not the same.

    2. “Had the Jews merely wanted to burnish the credentials of the ‘escapees’”

      What have ‘Jews’ to do with the story?

      Wasn’t this an Israeli thing? Or was this a world Jewish conspiracy, Colin Wright?
      Methinks anti-semitism has sneaked in here.
      Richard, did you miss this?

      1. Colin had his own website, one portion of which was dedicated to ‘Jews’.
        He deleted that portion the next day after the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.

        Let’s just say that Colin thinks about Jews a lot more than most people.

        Moving on, Richard said:

        “…two of them had never been charged with any crime, let alone tried or convicted. Administrative detention allows Israeli authorities maximum flexibility in dealing with such suspects.”

        And for twenty years, American authorities have done the very same thing.


        1. Administrative detention as practiced by the ever-expanding racist Zionist State is a crime against humanity IMO…the fact that the the other criminal enterprise the US practices it as well means what exactly in your opinion?…oh, and it was a favourite tactic of those other criminals, the racist whites of the old South Africa while trying to hold onto their colonial conquest in the face of resistance by the liberation forces

          1. @Willem

            How do you define ‘crimes against humanity’?
            Are you relying on the Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the ICC?

            Can you please apply the facts to the law so we can better understand if Israel is guilt of the crimes you charge.

            Stay well,

          2. He wrote ‘in his opinion’. I am of course not sure what humanity sonic refers to? Certainly there is none in the Assassination State. And the west in general is sorely lacking, in all but greed…

          3. @ Sonic: Most of us here who aren’t pro-Israel shills understand quite well Israel’s crimes against humanity. It’s one of the key themes in this blog which offers all the evidence any reasonable person would ever need. If you need to have it explained to you it means you’re a pro-Israel troll.

          4. We cannot have many different opinions on what a law is.
            We all have to agree on what elements or conditions need to be met in order to satisfy that law.

            If, as you say, you understand Israel’s crimes against humanity, you should have no problem then explaining how Israel’s conduct violates, Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the ICJ.

            Okay, I’m a pro Israel troll and I need to have it explained.
            Maybe some anti-Zionists trolls as well could benefit from an explanation.

          5. @ Sonic: I’m not your on-call expert. This isn’t Quora. I don’t answer to your challenges.

            The outlines of war crimes and crimes against humanity are quite clear and the world generally agrees (except for a few outliers like Israel & the US) that Israel has committed such crimes. There are literally thousands of expert treatises and articles documenting such claims. Numerous Israeli NGOs have documented them. This blog has documented them. The ICC spent years determining whether to open such an investigation and has done so because it has satisfied itself the evidentiary threshold has been met.

            Anti-Zionists and even some Zionists don’t need to have this explained to them. They accept what is obvious to most reasonable people. But trolls who are looking to pick a quarrel most definitely do.

          6. @Richard

            Willem said that an abuse use of administrative detention is a a crime against humanity. Administrative detention is not a crime against humanity. What crime against humanity Israel is being accused of, is ‘apartheid’.

            I asked Willem what definition of Crimes Against Humanity he was using because there are several definitions, including
             Art. 7(1)(j) in conjunction with Art. 7(2)(h) of the Rome Statute, as well as Art. 2 of the UN Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (Apartheid Convention.

            Question: Does Israel practice ‘apartheid’?

            I’m not sure. 

            What I do know is that Jews and Palestinians are two separate national, ethnic groups and each possesses a self-determination claim; Palestinians want a “Palestinian” State and Jews want a “Jewish” State. 

            Ponder this.

            Is it racial discrimination when Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians wants a piece of land to be ‘Jewish’?

            Is it racial discrimination when Palestinians and Muslims want that same piece of land to be ‘Palestinian’?

          7. You don’t get to define what is a crime against humanity. Administrative detention is a violation of the Geneva Convention.

            Land is land. It has no intrinsic religious or national identity. Jews can no more say a land is Jewish than a Christian American can say this land is Christian. The land you calL Israel has been called many names by thousands of tribes and clans which lived there for tens of thousands of years before Israelites came along. It will probably be called other names in the next billion or so years, if the earth even survives. The notion that you or anyone owns land by dint of religion is counter historical and ridiculous.

            Do NOT make the mistake of using the term “Jewish” when referring to Israel.

        2. @ Sonic: First, what America did in Guantanamo is illegal and a violation of the constitution. The entire system has been widely denounced. And only 8 prisoners were ever tried from Guantanano and only 3 were ever convicted of crimes. Out of 700 prisoners total. Guantanamo is a failed enterprise on every level. See The Mauritanian on cable. Can you ever recall an Israeli film which denounced administrative detention as this film does? NO, you can’t.

          Further Guantanamo was used in very limited circumstances, while Israeli administrative detention has been used in tens of thousands of cases over the past 70 years. Nice try, but no cigar buddy.

          1. On any given day, only about 5% of Palestinians prisoners are held under administrative detention.

            And on any given day, about 350 Palestinians are being held in administrative detention. That’s out of a population of what, five million Palestinians between the river and the sea?

            Administrative detainees are not being held in a ‘star chamber’.

            Detention orders are drafted by prosecutors and are approved or denied by judges. If approved the detainee can appeal right up to the Israeli Supreme Court.

            Many Western democracies use administrative detention as means to combat terrorism.

          2. The number of Palestinians who have been imprisoned by Israel is astronomical. 1-million since 1967. If we eliminate Palestinian women from this statistic as relatively few are arrested, it means that as many as 20-25% of Palestinian men at any given time are in prison or have served time there. Israel has criminalized the act of being Palestinian. So don’t dare try to minimize the illegal and corrosive effect of this system.

            Nor try to argue that the fact that a prosecutor or sham Israeli judge acting as a master of a kangaroo security court kashers the entire sordid process. There is nothing marginally acceptable about administrative detention In a democratic state. It belongs in a police stare, which is what Israel has become.

            Democratic nations which use administrative detention, use it sparingly and in exceptional cases. Israel uses it routinely and as a foundation of its national security state.

          3. @Richard – your statistics is just wrong, not to say a vile propaganda!
            The official numbers are so much lower – I felt embarrassed reading your statement.
            Where did you get those numbers from?
            I bet from a reputable source, such as AlJazeera or Hamas or Jihad Tv?

          4. @ Alex: There are no ‘statistics’ in my post. So I have no idea what you’re talking about. And if you post another comment again containing Islamophobic snark, you’ll never post again.

          5. Richard – by statistics I was referring to yiur comment that 1mil Palestinians were in Israeli prisons. But when you say the information you post is not a proven statistical data -it amounts to just throwing numbers at the ceiling fan..
            Not sure what are you referring to as Islamophobic too..

          6. Here is one source:

            Israeli authorities have detained approximately one million Palestinians since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 and the subsequent occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip in 1967, according to a joint statement released Saturday by the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS), and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS).

            And another:

            According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, from the Six-Day War (1967) to the First Intifada (1988), over 600,000 Palestinians were held in Israeli jails for a week or more.[26] Rory McCarthy, The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, estimated that one-fifth of the population has at one time been imprisoned since 1967.[27] On 11 December 2012, the office of then Prime Minister Salam Fayyad stated that since 1967, 800,000 Palestinians, or roughly 20% of the total population and 40% of the male population, had been imprisoned by Israel at one point in time. About 100,000 had been held in administrative detention.[28] According to Palestinian estimates, 70% of Palestinian families have had one or more family members sentenced to jail terms in Israeli prisons 

            I expect an apology from you. If you do not, I will ban you. And do not doubt my research or statistics next time or you will regret it.

          7. Richard.

            Your comment went, “The number of Palestinians who have been imprisoned by Israel is astronomical. 1-million since 1967″, yet the quote PPS quote you cited says, “Israeli authorities have detained approximately one million Palestinians since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948″.

            Is it 1-million since 1948 or 1967?

            Even if 600,000 have been held in jail for a week or more since 1967, you have to consider what were the numbers of jailed Palestinians during the violent First and Second Intifadas. A large number of that 600,000 figure were probably arrested or detained during the Intifadas.

          8. @ SOnic:

            Is it 1-million since 1948 or 1967?

            It’s both. You did not read the full sentence you quoted. The 1-million figure includes all Israeli Palestinians imprisoned since 1948 and includes all Palestinians from the Occupied Territories imprisoned since 1967. While a large number of Israeli Palestinians have been imprisoned by Israel since 1948, I would guess that the number of Palestinians jailed from the Territories has been far larger. So I view the ’67 reference I used as reasonable.

            As for when these Palestinians were imprisoned, I could care less. And it’s irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. Administrative detention, mass incarceration and collective punishment are offensive and illegal, full stop. Whether they happened during the First, Second or Eighth Intifada.

          9. @ Alex: Don’t be cute with me. If you don’t know why this is offensive and Islamophobic then you’re a dolt:

            I bet from a reputable source, such as AlJazeera or Hamas or Jihad Tv?

            Try this again & you’re toast.

            It has been 7 hrs since my last comment outlining the evidence for my claim 1-million Palestinians have been imprisoned by Israel. You still have no apologized for your error. Therefore, I am banning you. If you do choose to apologize you may do so via my Contact link and I will unban you.

  2. Its about time “social engineering” becomes a university offering worldwide, instead of being an asset in the hands of the privileged few.

  3. ‘By deception thou shalt make war…’ Richard’s narrative here does not explain why family members or the prisoners were arrested. I for one personally learned the very hard way to never trust any Israeli ‘source’. Ever. Under any circumstance. But that’s just me. RS’s article does not state that the source is Israeli but this narrative has Oleh chadash enlisted in Tzahal written all over it. (Many superb fairy tales originate from the pontic steppe, and I think — I think — this is in that tradition.) Like my recent article, CIA’s Bitcoin Heist which only Strategika51 would carry, I cannot state the authoritative source for my article, because his life would be endangered. I will write that my source is a former central banker… as in very former. Since Richard cannot name his source, he is in the same boat. Except I seriously doubt that Richard’s source would be endangered by releasing what seems like shin bet agitprop. Regardless of that, if a staged event to cred Palestinian spies, it was a stupid stunt with unintended consequences. To the extent that the NYT had to “update” its story about Israel’s “super spy killing machine” that so “cleverly” assassinated an Iranian scientist. Such clever assassins. At least (if true) this stunt was a notch above Operation Bramble Bush… except this time the wrong people got hurt.

  4. Richard’s narrative and mysterious source does not explain why family members or the prisoners were arrested, and some — according to multiple reports — beaten. The narrative as related is one that even a Bond novel could not make credible. It assumes that this whole affair, which tarnished the prison regime’s image and resulted in riots, was intended to aid shin bet information gathering from inside the prison, after the prisoners were re-captured. In that case, the prisoners would have been apprehended as a group and far more quickly. The split numbers of their re-capture would otherwise be so elaborate as to defy logic and surely reality. More like typical Duplicitous State deception.

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