10 thoughts on “Sheikh Jarrah: Israeli Supreme Court Divides Solomon’s Baby, Telling Residents to Be Satisfied With Half a Child – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: comments that are propaganda are not appropriate here. If you want to peddle pure hasbara I suggest you move elsewhere. You’d be much more comfortable at Debka Files or Arutz Sheva]

    1. [comment deleted: another comment rule you’re ignoring. Don’t argue with my editorial decisions. If you don’t like them, move on.]

  2. wrong. the settlers owners are free to appeal, which they intend to do.
    the root of the evil , “the sale” will still empower those that seek power above all
    even if “peace” is set its only for a few years. so what these gutless judges did was kick the decision to their successors and give themselves a mantra of “fairness” yeah rite

  3. may i suggest to change the name of propaganda superspreaders from hasbara to
    Goebbels alumni. that is their purpose and methods

  4. One of the infamous hallmarks of the Sheikh Jarrah rallies has been the presence of an obese Israeli-American settler hailing from that cradle of Jewish civilization, Long Island, Jacob Fauci.”

    childish body shaming

          1. …and now you accuse him of stealing something – when you clearly have no proof at all.
            Presumption of innocence turned into a presumption of guilt.
            I guess now we should all fly the black flag and chant La Ila Ilala waMuhamad Rasul Allah”…

          2. @ Alex: He’s stolen a Palestinian home and admitted it himself (“if I didn’t steal it…”) in his argument with the Palestinian woman whose home he stole. Nor does any settler thief have a presumption of innocence. He committed a crime. Just because the Israeli settler state refuses to prosecute him does not absolve him of the crime.

            chant La Ila Ilala waMuhamad Rasul Allah”

            You are on notice. YOu’ve posted an Islamophobic comment. You’re already moderated. Next violation is banning.

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