44 thoughts on “Settler Extremists Provoke Violence, Threaten Muslim Sovereignty Over Temple Mount, Seeking Final Day of Reckoning – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In my opinion what is really going on here is a territory claim wrapped up in religious language, claims of heroism and democratic rhetoric. (more here: http://jacobsbones.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/holy-sites-and-violence-a-war-of-symbols/ )

    That’s true for BOTH the Arab and Israeli side. The music on the video definitely makes it sound like a heroic battle, but you did notice the man walking calmly going about his business around 0:30?

    You don’t have very much faith in Israelis. We’re not dumb you know. Just because Arutz Sheva (which is pretty much in bed with the extremist settlers) posts articles claiming all of Israel except for a few out of touch liberals in the Knesset agrees with the land at all costs , doesn’t make it so.

    Building your case on Arutz Sheva reports is like listening to Fox News and concluding that the Republican candidates are smart on-the-ball people that understand exactly what America needs and wants.

    Feiglin having a third of Likud doesn’t mean much – Likud itself is a remnant of what it was years ago. Most of the center skipped out to Kadima. It doesn’t mean the center has turned into extremists.

    Israel has a far right. No surprise there. At the same time tolerance for religous extremism on the street is also pretty low. There are limits to the take a little at a time game. The anger at Haredi attempts to push their notions of modesty and gender segration into the public sphere is a good example of that.

    Bottom line. There are tea-party nuts in the states and settlers who place the land of Israel about the people of Israel in Israel. And thankfully there are people with some common sense who say no to both.


    1. I’m afraid I don’t have faith in Israelis who refuse to recognize the dire straits they and their nation are in. Regarding Arutz Sheva, there is a single link in this article to Arutz Sheva and if you don’t like that link you can Google the 5 or 6 other news sites which covered the Temple Mount poll of Israeli views including JTA and Haaretz. The poll was done by the Knesset educational TV channel, not by Arutz Sheva. So my report isn’t built on this website as you claim.

      Likud isn’t a “remnant of what it once was.” It actually rules Israel. Kadima, Meretz and Labor are remnants of what they once were. The center has not held. The right, in the form of Likud & their allies are in the ascendancy. It’s blindness like yrs to the predicament of yr country which will end up destroying it.

      Tolerance of religious extremism inside Israel is very high. That’s why hardly any price taggers are arrested & none have been charged, prosecuted or imprisoned.

      The diff. bet. Israel & the U.S. is that the Tea Party will not destroy this country, but the settlers & their far right allies may destroy Israel, with a little help from the blind & oblivious like you.

  2. There is not even a single sentence in this posting that is true.

    Silverstein will tell any lie if it helps get Jews killed.

      1. Just now I imagined reading a message by someone who called himself “Hang Elisabeth”.

        It is good that you let some of this filth through once in a while. It reminds us of what you have to wade through every day. It makes me (at least) reflect on what it would do to me if I had this kind of hatred thrown at me while doing something good and worthwhile.

        1. Touche’ what a bunch of freakin religious fanatics you have to deal with. Fortunately you also have some wise humanistic anti-zealots
          OK, dumb ? From me. Jerusalem is, am i not correct, technically NOT part of the Jewish state, right?

  3. Richard, i looked at the video you published.
    These are Arab youth barricading inside the mosque, after throwing stones on tourists few days ago. (Feb 19)
    at the end of the video you can see the police braking into the mosque, eventually they arrested the stone throwers.

        1. I’ll care when you tell me you care about the anti-Muslim hate and violence emanating from Jewish yeshivot & synaoguges in Israel. How about the bocher who fired his own homemade Qassam from his Yitzhar yeshiva residence at the neighboring Palestinian village. BTW, was he ever arrested, let alone prosecuted or convicted of a crime? I don’t really need an answer, we already know it.

          1. Not to be disingenuous, but why would he tell you that he’s against the anti-Muslim violence/hate in the Jewish community when he’s only commenting on a section near the end of the video? From my reading of his comment, he didn’t even speak about anti-Jewish/Israel/Zionist sentiment among the youths, just their stone-throwing. The hatred coming from both communities is wrong, but just because Aonee doesn’t mention it when he commented on video doesn’t make his/her remarks invalid.

            (And yes, I am against whatever filth/racism that tends to brew in insular, radical populations like the ones mentioned above.)

          2. Interesting cause-and-effect analysis.
            Arabs begin rioting violently over the prospect of Jews coming to the temple mount, throw stones at police and bystanders, barricade in a mosque – and you place the blame on the Israelis? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

          3. You’ve got cause & effect mixed up as usual. Jewish extremists announce their intent to cleanse Temple Mount of infidel Muslim dogs. Muslims become angry at explicit declaration of intent to destroy Temple Mount mosques & riot IN RESPONSE. I guess you never took high school science where they taught cause & effect.

            As you say, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

          4. I’m afraid I’m not a fan of cause and effect when it comes to reacting to public events. It wouldn’t be right for a Jewish group to throw stones at members of a mosque that voiced anti-Jewish sentiments, and I’m not sure anyone would explain/justify their actions ’cause and effect’. (I’m not accusing you of justifying them, but from your comment it seemed like it could be seen that way.)

            As a side note, why did you use a Nazi-analogy to demonstrate your point? Surely there are other coups/anti-democratic movements you could have mentioned instead? I thought that you had a policy against those kinds of comparisons .

          5. Putting aside the personal attacks (again! When will you be able to control your temper and behave like a grown up?), I’d say this is a unique analysis.

            Some idiots write something on a website, the Arabs stone police officers in response, and you support them. This is tantamount to accusing the Danish cartoonists who drew the Muhammed cartoons of the terror wave that ensued after its publication.

          6. The Danish cartoonists are certainly culpable for the anger they brewed around the world. They aren’t directly responsible, but they bear some measure of responsibility. They shouted fire in a crowded theater & bear some responsibility for the deadly stampede that ensued.

          7. That’s… not a good analogy. Shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater when there isn’t one is a lie, and made with malicious intent to cause mischief/harm. Drawing cartoons is considered free expression (although I’m not sure what the free speech laws are like in all the EU countries). Assuming that they didn’t violate free speech laws, they’re only guilty of making rather crass cartons. If someone commits violence due to someone expressing their right to free speech, they’re little more then terrorists. And the fact that people are willing to kill the cartoonists over a stupid cartoon makes ones faith in humanity drastically lower.

  4. “They’re likely raising a lot of their funding from the types of American Jews giving to the Hebron Fund and Central Fund of Israel.”
    Most of it is probably coming from the Christian Zionists. Lots of motivation there.

  5. Following the money here from non-Jews for a change, Christian Zionists are really more like Freemasons than Christians in terms of behavior. They want to re-establish the Temple. Well, then they want apocalypse to come in thereafter. Jews that don’t accept: buh-bye. They’re like the “12th Imamist” caricature right-wing Israelis have created for Iran’s “irrational and Armageddon seeking, religious fanatic, moon worshiping, suicidal regime”.

    1. If they were really Freemasons, they ought, taking Masonic ideology at face value, be interested in rebuilding Solomon’s Temple.

      The temple that this lot wish to recreate, is Herod’s (big enough to impress the Romans.) Support from America’s evangelical Christians would be markedly less if this were more widely realized -and they thought it through.

    2. Though, unless they have access to truly remarkable amounts of money, they would only succeed in replicating the inner courts of Herod’s temple.

      Solomon’s temple really wasn’t all that big, but very rich in detail. It might even fit on part of the site without destroying what else is there: which isn’t what the activists want, of course.

      The temple in Ezekiel’s vision is very big, at least around the precincts, but there’s an interesting emphasis on limiting the presence of Jewish “kings” (especially dead ones) which makes one doubt that it’s really a vision of what Herod built.

      Christians not getting involved in this fight is a good idea and one of the reasons why St Hugh rebuilt Lincoln Cathedral as a centre of pilgrimage and told successive Plantagenet kings that they had no power to tax their people for the Pope’s wars. King John allowed himself to be forced to stop funding the crusades, which may be why Hollywood always portrays him as the bad guy.

  6. This is an important development, and is the kind of thing the American press delicately overlooks.

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


    1. Ah, if it isn’t the scumbag who wished joyfully in his blog for me to be accused of pedophilia. You have a lot of friggin’ nerve coming here you slimy dog (I should really call you a pig to invoke grave violation of Jewish law).

      You wonder why, when right-wing pro-Israel water carriers for settlers tour disputed territory, Muslims would be angry?

      And you have the unmitigated chutzpah to accuse ME in your blog of inciting Muslims to violence by supposedly not sufficiently denouncing their violence. Whose violence is greater? Feiglin’s in calling for destruction of the Temple Mount mosques & their replacement by a Jewish Temple? Or the Muslims who threw stones in protest?

      I banned you here a long time ago & you whined about it. I’m only publishing this typically scummy comment to be able to rub your face in yr love of scum & slime.

    1. Methinks you do protest too much bud. Your buddy Feiglin committed his provocation on Sunday, Feb. 19th. The next Friday, on the Muslim holy day when they pray on the Temple Mount, was the day of the riot. Religious & political protests are common on Fridays in case you didn’t read any papers during the Arab Spring. These protests were a direct response to your & Feiglin’s provocation.

      The Israeli police are direct representatives of the State which would tear down those mosques & rebuilt the Temple in a heartbeat if it could get away with it. And you wonder why young Muslims would throw rocks at people like you? Ehud Barak said he’d be a rock thrower too if he were Palestinian. Or did you forget that?

      You’re on the shortest of short leashes here buddy. One false step & you’re toast. I banned you once & will happily do so again.

      1. What’s going on?

        The Israeli press and much of the Israeli government doesn’t care about the apprehensions of Muslims. Given the steady dispossession of their land and property over 60 years, I wouldn’t blame Palestinians for being, well, a little jumpy.

        1. Nobody gets that, David. Nobody understand cause and effect either; that rock-hurling by Palestinians is because of their oppression and what can stones really do to the IDF (arguably, the most sophiticated army in the region thanks to US dollars)?

      2. Several things you should I know.

        1. Moshe Feiglin has nothing to do with the provocative flyer, he has been taking up groups to the Temple every month for many years. Second the police just arrested the trouble maker who did create the flyer. You owe Feiglin an apology, you may not agree with his politics, but you should blame him for something he has not done.

        2. Second it is amazing that you would condemn Jews for wanting to pray at ther holiest site and not condemn the Muslims who violently oppose any Jewish presence what so every. Do not Jews have any rights? Dozens of Jews have been arrested for the crime of praying over the last half year. One was a old man who made a blessing over water before drinking as is required by Jewish law. They arrested a n old man for drinking water, that does not bother you???

        3. Even the Muslims themselves used to fully admit that the the Temple Mount was sacred to Jews. You should read the following pamphlet from the Muslim authorities in 1925 that admitted this. Furthermore it is amazing that Jews are more restricted on the Temple Mount under Jewish rule than they were under Muslim rule, The only rules for visitors to the Temple Mount under Muslim rule was that they could not bring dogs, smoke and they had to be out by 11:00am

        4. In regard to the website tmount.org did you even bother to read what they wrote?

        “Temple Mount activists only seek equality for Jews on the Mount and hope that we will be soon able to pray on the Mount in harmony alongside our Arab cousins who descend from Abraham’s second son Ishmael. The sacred Temple Mount is the place of peace, and we come in peace and wish no harm for our cousins. The Mount is over 36 acres large and there is more than enough room for everyone to bow before the Almighty.” That does not sound extremist to me!

        In regard to their planning and not revealing their plans, did you know that Israeli police persecute Jews for even legal-democratic pro Temple Mount activities?

        Richard it seem you have a tremendous amount to learn about this issue, you are jumping to conclusions without looking at the other side of the coin. I must say this is very liberal of you.

        1. You CLAIM Feiglin had nothing to do with it. Further, the JPost article to which you link does not say what you claim it says. It only says that radical right wing materials were found in the suspect’s apartment and that he is affiliated with a website that promoted the Feiglin Temple pilgrimage. It said nothing about whether he was the author of the flyer.

          I would feel much easier about Jews praying on a piece of land that has been in Muslim control for generations if Muslims were welcome to pray at the Kotel. If a group of Muslims tried to pray there would they be welcomed? Or stoned?

          The very notion that land is sacred is not halachically valid. Jews for centuries ascribed no special value to territory as being innately Jewish. This became a fetish with the rise of the radical settler movement in the period after 1967. It turned both the Kotel and the Occupied Territories into holy ground which must be protected for the sake of the entire Jewish people, a view that was never normative before then.

          No one is denying that the Temple Mount is important to Jews. But Muslims have had sovereignty there for decades even after the 1967 War. What you & Feiglin are trying to do is rid the Temple Mount of Muslims & their mosques in order to rebuild the Temple. Denying that this is true (if you do) is simply disingenuous. You may differ from the more radical by a matter of degrees, but you all want the same thing. And the thing you want will lead to Holy War.

          What you’ve written is pure settler hasbara. I’m not getting into further argument with you on this matter. You’ve had your say, I’ve had mine. If you wish to comment here again pick another thread and topic. You’re done with this one. And I’m entirely serious about this so don’t test.

          1. The very notion that land is sacred is not halachically valid.

            The amount of sheer ignorance contained in this statement is simply astonishing. As the previous poster, I would suggest starting with the Mishna in the beginning of Kelim, starting with the phrase “Eretz Israel is more sacred than all other lands…”, building up to the sanctity of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and finally the place of the Holy Temple.

            The fact that the temple was destroyed does not in any way detract from those various grades of halachic sanctity.

          2. Eretz Israel is a spiritual concept. It does not translate into approval of spilling Jewish & Palestinian blood in order to maintain control of specific settlements or plots of ground.

  7. “Dov Hikind’s wife earns $150,000 a year as its U.S. fundraiser”.

    You linked to another article supposedly showing/proving that Dov Hikind’s wife earns $150,000 a year. I saw absolutely no reference to this anywhere in the article.

    I wonder if the rest of your article is as factual as you purport it to be.

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