13 thoughts on “Twitter Locks Account of Ben & Jerry’s Board Chair Attacked with Death Threats – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, those communications to the chair of B&J board were disgusting, but please stop calling them “death threats” — since at least what she showed to the world did not contain any threats…

  2. Thank you for your fearless reporting. Twitter is relied on by and for so many for communicating thoughts ideas warnings, news. It’s a major highway. What’s to be done about such injustices?

  3. No matter where I’m posting any comments, I try 99% of the time to maintain some basic civility and to avoid any ad hominem arguments/statements, insults, or cussing at anyone. ABOUT Rethugs and fascists, yes, TO fellow commenters, no. I cannot decry the depths to which our communication has descended in America if I’m guilty of the same offense.
    What has happened to Mittal is disgusting, as is all the same type of attacks going on. I do not look to Twitter, FB, or any other social media to set a standard, much less enforced rules, guaranteeing decency.
    What is so hard about being civilized? Mark Twain sure knew how to be diplomatic while eviscerating someone. Nu?

  4. What else do we know about this so-called rabbi? Has he published anything before? What community does he lead?

  5. B&J decision is counterproductive for every peace loving people in the Middle East n the world. Banning and boycotting will achieve nothing. Talking yes!

  6. Are you still surprized how pegasus is an Israeli masterpiece of evil.
    Current judaism is far far removed from the decency of years ago.
    All that is a byproduct of us endless moral and monetary support.

  7. I’m noy sure that one repulsive “rabbi”, who may or may not actually exist, is a representative of “the Israel lobby”…

    1. @Nadav: Good cop, Bad cop. “Rabbi” Lewis is the bad cop. Bill Daroff and the Conference- Israel Lobby are the “Good” cops.

      It’s not “one repulsive rabbi.” She received scores of death threats and vile attacks, all from those who believe they’re somehow defending Israel, and all motivated by the Israel Lobby & Israeli government attacks which preceded them.

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