9 thoughts on “Why Did Capt. Tomer Eiges Die? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, please speak with less confidence. First you said it was definitely a suicide, then changed it to Russian assassination, then now to a slightly-less confident thought about drug overdose. Your journalistic work is important, but the gusto you sometimes exhibit makes it teeter between (important) journalism, sensationalism, and sheer tin-foil-hat blogging.

    1. @ Noa: Please don’t bother to give me advice or lecture. I reported what my sources told me at the time. The Russian connection story was false as I reported afterward. Every other report was accurate and has not been disproven. If you’re able to do so, be my guest.

      And drop the concern trolling offering praise while slamming my work. It’s unpersuasive.

      1. Richard’s posting a pic of Tomer’s unadorned gravesite went beyond sensationalism. It was, in fact, cruelty.

        1. Amnon: That picture came from an Israeli media website and it’s been posted widely in other media sites as well. Take it up with them if it bothers you so much. You want to know what cruelty is? Imprisoning a man for 9 months without trial. Killing his spirit. Prohibiting his parents from visiting him at all for mnonths, and then only permitting 20 minute visits. Destroying a boy’s future–now that’s cruelty. So cut the bullshit and your fake tears about the picture.

      2. [comment deleted: I know you think you’re the wittiest person in the world. But your snark is not witty. Nor is it on-topic. COnsider yourself warned: respect the comment rules (and read them) or your next one that violates them could lead to moderation.]

        1. Actually, I thought her comments were very witty, pertinent, and entirely within the comment rules. If you resent comments that make you feel uncomfortable, amend your rules.

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