16 thoughts on “Myth of Israel’s Defensive Wars Debunked – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Let’s see… who is not able to distinguish between 48 when the freshly created Israeli state was attacked by multiple larger forces and managed to defend itself in clear self defence, to 67 when Israel instigated and triggered a war then refused to admit the occupation?
    Israeli messianics, settlers (and self-interested corrupt politicians like Netanyahu), Islamist ideologists like Hamas. American evangalists and an ever growing anti Islamic coalition of neo-Nazis world wide. Who does see the obvious difference? All peace seeking Israelis and liberal parties, all of the Palestinians working daily in co-existence with Israelis and the various secular national movement factions, and pretty much all other countries of the world.
    You are in good company

    1. How do you explain the numerous bombings and massacres and the ethnic cleansing of hundred of thousands of Palestinian Arabs by Zionist militias even before the Brits left Palestine (that is before the Arab armies entered Palestine) and in areas outside the territory supposed to belong to the Jewish State according to the Partition Plan ?
      If you want a few names: Sa’sa’, Hotel Semiramis, Deir Yassin, the list is long ….

      1. hundred of thousands? a bit of exaggeration. i was at a seminar at the Semiras hotel in 1971. what may have happened there before I do not know but then it was in tip-top condition.
        from the other side because of the declaration of the state of Israel there were 850,000 Arab Jews thrown out of various Arab states with nowhere to go. I guess things worked out.

        1. @ avram: Your comment is a complete non sequitur. It is a historical fact that a million Palestinians were expelled during Nakba. And it is a historical fact that “hundreds of thousands” were expelled even before the war began. Whether a hotel was in “tip top” condition 4 years aftger the war is utterly irrelevant.

          As for what happened to the Arab Jews, it was in no way comparable. Nor is there any evidence to support your claim that “850,000 Jews were thrown out” of Arab countries. In some countries the Zionists engaged in false flag attacks which caused a stampede of indigenous Jewish inhabitants to flee to Israel, which was the intent of the Zionist terror attacks. In some countries, Jews left voluntarily because they chose to do so. And in some countries there were anti-Semitic atacks which did drive them to flee. As I said, an entirely different set of historical circumstances. And only Islamophobe/Arabophobes like you make a mess of such history for purely ideological purposes.

          Do not comment further in this thread.

          1. Also Jews went to Israel as part of recruitment to help build Israel, an in-migration,a “coming home”. “Come home to Israel”.

          2. [comment deleted: comments must be on topic and relate directly to the post. Comments criticizing my editorial control of comments are off topic. Your next comment violation will mean moderation.]

        2. @Avram Stern
          Haganah planted bombs in the Hotel Semiramis in the Qatamon neighbourhood on January 5th 1948, dozens of people were killed, mostly Christian Palestinians (including the owner and most of his family including children) who were attending a Christmas gathering, also a Spanish diplomat.
          We really don’t care whether you went to that hotel in the 1970s, your ******* !

    2. @ Anders: Your nonsense proves precisely my point: military history shows that a large military force that is poorly trained and of low fighting ability can easily be overwhelmed by a smaller force that has high unit cohesion, strong motivation and is well-equipped. This is precisely what happened in 1948. The only force that was a match for the Palmach was the Jordanian army, which had been trained by the British. And the hardest fighting was indeed in the Jordanian sector. But even there, the Palmach largely prevailed after extended struggle.

      The 1948 War was provoked by Ben Gurion’s declaration of independence. He knew it would provoke war and knew if he held off with such a declaration there would not be war. He chose a path that would deliberately lead to war. So calling it a war of self-defense is true only in the sense that once he provoked the war Israel was invaded and it had to defend itself.

      All peace seeking Israelis and liberal parties, all of the Palestinians working daily in co-existence with Israelis and the various secular national movement factions

      Utter nonsense. Liberal “peace seeking Israelis?” Where? In any of the mainstream parties? Nah. Palestinians working for co-existence with Israelis? Who? Palestinians want their rights, full stop. Co-existence is a smokescreen obscuring the need for a political settlement that offers Palestinians full rights and equality in a single state.

      1. Co-existence is the only alternative to the ethnic cleansing and/or utter annihilation of some 8 million people, either on the Palestinian side or on the Jewish side of this conflict. A political settlement that offers Palestinians full rights is utterly indistinguishable, in its end result, from the holocaust. In moral terms, such a political settlement is analogous to the complete ethnic cleansing of all lands between the Jordan and the sea.

        1. @ DV: “Co-existence” is a concept created by the occupier to make his actions more palatable. If there is “Co-existence” in some vague form, the victim harbors the illusion that the current system might somehow, someday be reformed into one that is a little less damaging to him/her.

          Real, true equality and rights for Palestinians and Israeli Jews lies in a single democratic state. That is the only solution that means anything.

          Arguing that a single state solution is another Holocaust is not only a lie and deeply offensive. But it violates this blog’s comment rules. Nazi parallels must be carefully drawn and supported by historical fact. Do not use such comparisons when they are entirely invalid (as in your case) . Evoking the Holocaust is a shameful bit of pandering and absolutely not permitted here.

          No Palestinian is interested in ethnic cleansing of Israeli Jews. This is the “throw the Jews into the sea” tired old nostrum dressed up in New clothes. Not even Hamas supports this. Other than some far left outliers this view is completely non-existent among Palestinians.

          You are done in this thread. You’ve had your two shots at hasbara-peddling. Move on.

      2. You really are a serious historian too. If it’s all so obvious one can only wonder how it is you who finds himself in the same bed with Chrstian fundamentalists, Jewish Messianics and Islamists and all the rest of the world begs to differ. It might have something to do with adapting theories to facts instead of adapting facts to suit the theory

        1. @ Anders: I have absolutely nothing in common with the list of reprobates you mention. Are you really claiming “Christian fundamentalists and Jewish messianics” support a one state solution and a democratic secular state of all its citizens as I do? Because if you are, either I’d like you to introduce me to them; or you’re full ‘o s*t.

          You are done in this thread.

  2. It makes sense that leaders had to keep up the narrative of the need for defense on every front;Israel is beleaguered by forever enemies that want to push it into the sea. Be fearful. Remember what happened to us in history recent and for centuries. The need to push this narrative was also about international law which makes it illegal for a member country (or any country?) to capture territory through war other than in defense.The long occupation rests legally on that claim of the need for defense if I am not mistaken. So the defense story must be maintained. Were the case to be adjudicated by an international entity somehow, Israel would lose. The United States has been behind Israel’s long occupation too, if not in word (though that) in deeds for sure.
    The resistance to the occupation, both Palestinian and from the nearly evaporated Israeli peace movement there and abroad, becomes anti-Israel.In the case of the Palestinians, it’s evidence of the terrorist threat they pose still aiming to push Israel into the sea.
    This a sort of communal psychosis or PTSD/ insecurity, always remembering suffering of the Jews in history, especially the Holocaust. Israelis/Jews can’t trust anyone. And for “tiny Israel” they must keep playing up threats all around. It seems to be self-fulfilling.

  3. This narrative is full of bunk.
    According to SIlverstein, Israel wanted to go to war with Jordan.
    One item can disprove all of this. Israel had at the beginning of the 1967 sent a message to Jordan pleading with them to stay out of the war.

    1. @ Your Fault: OF course Israel didn’t want to fight the Jordanian Legion. It was the best fighting force in the Arab world. And of course Israel knew that Jordan would fight alongside its Arab brothers and the IDF was prepared to take on the combined Arab armies as it did and win, as it did.

      But sure, if Jordan had stayed out of the war Israel would have fought the Syrians and Egyptians and beaten them even less than 7 days. So what’s your point? No need to answer that question–it speaks for itself.

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