24 thoughts on “Israel Destroys Gaza’s Only Library as Biden ‘Threatens’ Reporter Who Asks About Gaza – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As I posted earlier … Biden doesn’t want to spend his “capital” on the I-P issue, thereby raising the white flag. The Trump/Pompeo pro-Israel policy remains in place. The single positief decision was to back Jordan King Abdullah II when Israe/UAE/KSA wanted regime change. Biden goes through the motions of a new JCPOA deal with Iran. In the June election a new hardliner will come forward. The new axis of evil for the coming decades will be Iran-Russia-China. Choice of Turkey hangs in the balance and Biden-NATO-EU will toughen their stance. The EU will fold and fall in step with the US-UK coalition. The flag of Israel flying in Austria and Hungary. Populism and authoritarianism will replace the ideals of Democracy. See role of Bret Stephens to wipe off the social and progressive ideals of Judaism. Netanyahu and Trump the great leaders. Desperation nearby. 😢

  2. Next sign of the Biden spine will be the time lapse before Crown Prince Salman gets an invite for a White House meeting.

  3. If today, Hamas uses schools as launching pads, why not use a library?

    BTW, the Arab general strike has fizzled out, and the reports of ‘civil war’ are grossly exaggerated.

    This current operation, where Israel has used the most extreme measures to protect Gazan civilians, will be over in few days.

    Hamas, by now, should have realized that their Iranian master has left them out to dry.

    Iran, for it’s part, sees that Israel is not collapsing, and that Israel has the will to fight her enemies, foreign and domestic.

    1. @ Mighty: “If” Hamas uses schools? Who said it does?

      As for the general strike, reporters in these communities said entire Palestinian towns were completely shut down. So I’ll take their word for it rather than a hasbara apologist.

      Israel used the most extreme measure to protect civilians? You’re a goddman liar. You will not post lies here. I put you on notice. Pull this shit again here and you’ll be on your way with a one-way ticket to Ben Gurion (when it reopens). This is an insult to truth and an insult to morality. I’m not only offended, you disgust me. Tell it to the 250 Palestinians murdered by your bombs. You immoral POS!

      Your next mendacious comment like this one will bring moderation. I put you on notice.

      1. Well, the reporters may well be right about entire Palestinian towns, but in Israel proper, it’s business as usual. Arab laborers, professionals and municipal workers are on the job.

        Your insults and threats seem at odds with your desire to ‘repair the world’, i.e. Tikkun Olam.

        How many of the 250 Palestinians murdered by Israeli bombs are Hamas and IJ combatants?

        1. @ Mighty: That is a lie. Palestinian laborers have honored the strike. Once again Israeli reporters prove you wrong.

          You don’t understand: it is an Israeli Palestinian General Strike. Not an Israeli Jewish General Strike. WHy would Jewish businesses strike? They should of course. But that’s not what /48 Palestinians intended. So judge the Strike successes not on artificial terms you made up; but on the terms the strike organizers established.

          This is my blog. If you piss me off I will say so. If you don’t like what I say, stop doing what is pissing me off, or leave.

          Islamic Jihad and Hamas claim that 20 of them are militants. But by the standards of 2014, 700 of the 2,300 were fighters. That would mean about 90 were fighters. But that number is likely even lower since there was no Israeli invasion nor intense fighting on the ground between the 2 sides. So now justify the murder of the rest. And justify that 27 Palestinians are killed for every Israeii. Go ahead, I dare you.

          On 2nd thought, no more comments in this thread from you.

          1. So now justify the murder of the rest. And justify that 27 Palestinians are killed for every Israeii. Go ahead, I dare you.”

            there will always be a diff in mortalities etc. would you, as a Jew, prefer it to be the other way around like the pogroms in yesteryear?

          2. @ avram: There is no reason any of these Palestinians died. Nor any reason the 12 Israelis died. It’s a horrific waste of life and all BIbi’s fault…and yours for being his enabler and defender (of the war).

          3. [comment deleted: another off topic comment. Do not post comments unless they are directly related to the post on which they’re commenting.]

          4. Pretty lame reply. The Pals are always shooting rockets etc and this time it went too far. Aside from that I did not vote for Bibi as the whole voting system[s] in the world have nauseated me ad infinitum. I never even voted in the US I was too busy getting out of the Viet Nam draft.

          5. @avram

            I was too busy getting out of the Viet Nam draft.

            Yeah, you and Richard both.

          6. @ Veni: Excuse me? I was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. And I wrote my essay which got me my CO exemption from my local draft board on the basis of the Jewish Biblical prophetic tradition. So cut the snark.

          7. @ Avram: If you wish to continue posting here you will respect national groups by using their proper name and not nicknames you’ve devised. Understood?

            Palestinians are no more “always shooting rockets” than Israel always is assassinating Palestinian leaders. I agree it did “go too far.” This time the defiling of the sacred sanctum of al Aqsa by Border Police thug was a step too far. And Palestinians everywhere including Gaza rose up as one to say NO MORE!

            I do not care whether you voted for Bibi or for the Moshiach. YOu’re his enabler. As for not voting in the US, that’s shameful. Many of us got out of the US draft during the VIetnam War. That’s no excuse for not voting.

      2. [comment deleted: don’t publish another comment here before reading the comment rules. The first one you violated is an off topic comment. Comments must be directly related to the post. And the comment must contain an argument of some sort. Posting a link alone is a violation. Your stay with us will be short unless you get with the program.]

      3. I’d be slow to call Mighty a POS.

        The death count in Gaza stands at about 230. 

        ‘The IDF says that at least 160 of those are targeted terrorists, and they have most of the names to prove it. That means approximately 60 of the dead are civilians. Some of them were likely killed by Hamas’s own rockets, as a third of the missiles shot landed inside the Gaza Strip.
        Every life lost is a tragedy. We know that. But think about this: over 1,000 bombs were dropped in Gaza, on over 1,000 targets – and 60 civilians were killed. Never been done.’


        1. @ Horace: Let’s get one thing straight around here. We don’t care what the IDF claims. We don’t trust the IDF. The IDF lies. So if you say “the IDF says” I immediately say, “Bullshit, prove it.” And saying the IDF has the names to prove it means nothing at all. And using the Jerusalem Post for any purpose other than toilet paper is a dangerous proposition. Not credible here. Find credible media sources to use.

          In fact, the most accurate and credible reporting is done by Gaza NGOs who accurately counted the number of dead in 2014 and identified how many were fighters.

          Every life lost is a tragedy.

          Oh boo-hoo and cut the bullshit. You don’t care about the Gaza dead. Don’t pretend to. It’s insulting to then, you and us.

  4. The United States strongly condemns President Erdogan’s recent anti-Semitic comments regarding the Jewish people and finds them reprehensible.
    NATO ally Turkey rejects this condemnation. Perhaps Blinken will send the EU duo Michel and Von der Leyen on another mission to Ankara?

  5. I remember how Netanyahu shat on Obama. This excuse for not bringing the hammer down I don’t buy. Biden wants his cake and to eat it too, support from the Right on Israel knowing the outraged Left has nowhere to go. Obama did the same, disappointing us after all the “hope” and “audacity” talk. The morals we began to appreciate since Biden’s election, fail him on this. He is damned, true, no matter what he does in fact. But basic morality should prevail especially if Biden wants some sort of restoration of a semblance of US as a force for good. Biden is actually being cowardly.
    More people are awakened to what Israel is doing and our complicity.There comes a time when one has to do something, especially when one (Biden) has the power to do it. So putting on the sunglasses and stepping on the accelerator, not quite as funny or cute, is hardly symbolic about what we are doing with regard to Israel. We need to take Israel off our “gas” as well.

  6. Even if it’s true that if Biden would be tougher on Netanyahu and demand that he end the Israeli occupation that Biden would lose influence and that Netanyahu would continue what he’s doing, the point is that if the US would cut off aid to Israel, then at least we in the US won’t be paying for this carnage! Think about this for example when you see people on our streets being unhoused and also when you see mentally ill people in public who need help. And also consider that that there are even Jewish people in our country who are poor. So it sure as hell isn’t anti-semitic to cut off aid to Israel because of that country’s oppression! I still say that overall that Biden is doing a darn good job, but he needs to listen more to those of us who are calling on him to be tougher on Israel and work for peace. Biden must know that most American Jews don’t rank UNCONDITIONAL support for Israel important, as they care more about our domestic problems.

  7. Explaining history in the present Israeli style: Germans and Poles had all rights to demolish the independent and sovereign Warsaw Ghetto, because the Jewish thhhherrorists were constantly attacking peace loving German and Polish civilians and soldiers and were hiding among the civilians.

    Surely Israelis will answer, that Gaza and Warsaw Ghetto can not be compared, because Israel did not create Gaza and the number of killed is not comparable. Well Israel filled Gaza with Palestinians like Germany filled the Jüdischer Wohnbezirk in Warschau. The amount of killed in Gaza is not yet “clear”. Warsaw Ghetto lasted a couple of years. Gaza (and the occupation) has lasted over halve of a century and counting…

    What options has Israel with the over 2 million living in Gaza? Would Jewish Israel give citizenship and equality to the people of Gaza? No it will not, so long USA finances the apartheid and occupation, making this farce possible. Will Gaza approve independence without West Bank and East Jerusalem? No it doesn’t. Will Egypt take Gaza and its inhabitants? It could, but the Egyptian military and politicians know perfectly well, that Gaza as it is now is their slow motion “nuclear weapon”. The Gaza problem and Palestinians will eventually neutralise the Zionist Israel. So the only solution for Israel is perform these Gaza operations. The only problem is that these operations do not solve anything and after every operation Israel and Zionists are more hated around the world. Eventually when US dollar looses its status as the reserve currency USA looses its ability to finance the Israeli occupation. Israel simply can not afford to keep up the present “order”. Then it will be interesting to see what kind of a deal Palestinians will offer to Israeli Jews. Offer them a large but justified Tel Aviv Ghetto solution or equality and peace?

  8. Ripping the institution that made the State of Israel possible … its creator.

    ”What a disgrace,” Gilad Erdan

    A cease-fire has been agreed starting at 2 am on Friday after heavy pressure was directed at Israeli leaders.

    Disgraceful statement from Jen Psaki praising Biden in comparison with the previous administration.

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