15 thoughts on “Suspend US Aid to Israel: NOW! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I don’t expect any of this to happen unless and until Americans are in the streets in big numbers demanding this happen. The thing that everyone knew was going to happen is that the Democratic base would go back to sleep because the orange fascist was no longer tweeting mean things from the Oval Office. Now that he’s gone, a large majority of them don’t care any longer. That has to change, not just on this issue, but on workers rights and health care and police brutality as well.

  2. Israel hadn’t blocked the Damascus Gate, but threw up barriers preventing worshippers from sitting down on a street level promenade. Worshipers could still enter and exit through the Gate.
    Those barriers, which were public safety restrictions, were promptly removed, but rioting broke out anyway at the Damascus Gate and the barriers were put up again in response.
    Still, worshippers could enter and exit the Gate.

    Than Hamas starts rocketing Israeli civilian centers near the Gaza border, every single rocket launch, a per se War Crime.
    No condemnation from Tikkun Olam for War Crimes perpetrated against Israel by Hamas.

    Now in the interest of fairness and accuracy, you claim that Israel just murdered 9 Palestinian children, but the article you linked said the family of seven that died, including 3 children, died as a result of an ‘explosion of unknown origin’. That family may well have tragically died when a Hamas rocket fell short and landed within Gaza itself.

    Please. Lets not jump to conclusions.

    1. Apologizing for Israel’s genocidal actions against Christian and Muslim Palestinians again. You have become a broken record, justifying the racist/colonial/squatters that jump up and down like ‘jack-in-the-boxes’ when they see the Al Aqsa compound burning. You are no different than the compliant Germans of WW II, the white racists of South Africa, and the KKK in the US. It’s good that Richard is generous enough to not block your vile comments so the rest of us can witness what ‘good Israelis’ really think. Shameful.

  3. Have lost all respect for Ronnie Naftaniel … was former spokesperson for CIDI in Amsterdam with task to make the community aware of anti-semitism. Evolving as a Lukudnik and now spouting pro-Israel and rightwing rhetoric. True colors. How does a person of reason become an unreasonable man? 😡

  4. This sentiment in Israel, whipped up at opportune times with such incidents, fed continuously is a modus operandi with an ultimate goal which is not peace.It’s a disease. It’s so disappointing that our hope for a stronger more progressive Biden policy towards Israel, conditional aid, is not going to happen, was not going to happen with Biden-Blinken.If Israelis want us to butt out, we should, entirely. We otherwise have zero to say about any subjugation anywhere.

  5. Would you like your children or your neighbor’s toddlers to see this picture?

    All Facebook has done is to warn users. Many people do not want to see this sort of image. It is a common practice and your outrage is unclear. Calling it <span style="color: rgb(34, 34, 34);">censorship might suggest you don’t understand the difference.

  6. Blah blah blah…

    Frankly, though, the image you should highlight are those of brave Palestinian smiling faces under a “George Floyd” duress. Epic!

  7. Strong condemnation from the Muslim world, including Abraham Business Partners Emirates and Bahrain.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its condemnation in the strongest terms of the blatant attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation forces, against the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the safety and security of worshipers.

    1. Let’s see the Abraham Business Partners cut off business. Condemning means nothing at this stage.

  8. Richard: since you think Samson was inciting genocide as a now-blinded Jewish prisoner, what should Samson have been saying as you rewrite Hebrew history? (Ref: They are quoting Samson’s words at the Philistine temple: “Sovereign Lord, remember me. Please, God, strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge(AN) on the Philistines for my two eyes.”)

  9. I think that if we were at holocaust time . You will be the one to justify the killing of jews by the German nazzie regime

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