14 thoughts on “Mossad Bombed Natanz Nuclear Facility in Campaign to Sabotage US Iran Policy and JCPOA Deal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted : you have advocated war crimes and genocide. Not acceptable here. You are now moderated. Only comments respecting comment rules will be published. ]

    1. “If, in the future, Israel destroys an Iranian nuclear weapons site, and the site becomes another smoking, leaking Chernobyl, than no one, least of all the Iranians, can say they weren’t warned what was coming.”

      Nice logic there, Alice.

      So if Israel creates ‘anothe smoking, leakin Chernobyl’ Iran is to blame?

      And how are all the other inmates of Dimona’s diabolical Wonderland keeping?


    2. Thanks to Bobby’s snippet from my deleted post, all can see that I have not advocated war crimes and genocide.

      1. @ Alice: I could care less what you “can see.” I make the rules here. You advocated war crimes and genocide and that will not be permitted here. Either you respect these rules or you go. Your choice.

    1. @ Alice:

      How do we even know Mossad was involved with the sabotage?

      Um, perhaps because Benny Gantz, Ehud Yaari and almost every Israeli journalist who’s written a story on this has said so as clearly as they could considering there is military censorship on the story. And because Israeli officials have noted that the Biden administration has told them in no uncertain terms to shut their mouths about it. Whose mouths do you think they’re telling to shut? Some Iranian schnuk who supposedly planted the bomb and fled?

      Someone may very well have planted the device. But the device, the plan and the bomber are creatures of the Mossad.

      Do please stop showing how clearly you shill for Brand Israel. We’re quite embarrassed for you.

  2. Democratic presidents in particular are constrained by Republican attacks claiming they are either soft on Israel or outright anti-Israel. 

    Surely you meant “soft on Iran”?

  3. In my opinion this is a lesser version of Osirak, where Israeli leadership thought it far more important to score kudos in the media than to really impact a rival’s nuclear campaign. Just as Osirak motivated Saddam, this will likely motivate Iran to expedite its enrichment even further.

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