18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Newspaper Violates Censorship, Identifying Senior IDF Commander – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: I prohibit posting of Arabophobic racism here. I now put you on warning. Your next comment rule violation will result in banning.]

      1. @ Alice: It’s not my job to educate you about how your comments are Arabophobic. You’ve spent enough time here and should be intelligent enough to understand these issues. If not, you probably don’t belong here.

        1. [comment deleted: after being moderated and warned, you have again violated comment rules. Editorial decisions are mine, not yours, You are now banned. Be sure to fasten your seat belt before landing at Ben Gurion. Send fond regards to your comrades at Hasbara Central]

  2. [comment deleted: Your comment was anti-Semitic. I do not permit racism or anti-Semitism here. That includes ‘Zionists’ like you who claim Diaspora Jews are not Jews. That clearly is anti-Semitic. YOur next comment rule violation will result in banning.]

    1. Funny, you sound exactly like the white-supremacist fascists here with that “stop white genocide” nonsense. Possibly you and they should learn what “genocide” actually means – and perhaps you should realize that people in the rest of the world read comments like this coming our of Israel and judge you for sounding exactly like a white supremacist.

      1. @ Dan: I am not claiming “Israeli Jews” are not Jews. A subset of Israelis have strayed so far from norms that they are now Judeans and idolators. A subset is different than “Israeli Jews.”

        Is claiming Israeli Jews aren’t Jews (but Judean), isn’t anti-semitic?

        And, no. Because throughout Jewish history there have been individuals and sects (Shabtai Tzvi, Jacob Frank, etc.) which have either deviated from consensus/norms or endangered the community by the extremism of their actions or views. This is no different.

        1. Richard, just curious do you consider the Shlomo Sand/Arthur Koestler theory about Khazaria to be an anti-Semitic trope? (Polite question.) Also an historic rendition re the Lost Tribes, is that when Canaanite Israelite’s were taken into captivity in Babylon their surviving descendants became known as Pharisees and Judeans. Is that accurate? regards

          1. @ Veni: For at least some anti-Zionists, they feel if they can prove that Jewish origins were in Khazaria rather than Israel, this disproves any claim they might have to today’s Israel. That’s my reading anyway.

          2. @ Steve Brown: I try not to delve too deeply into origins. The whole matter is wrapped in so much controversy and obscurity I can’t make heads or tails out of it. Besides, I’d rather deal with peoples and religions as they find themselves now and not use history or origins as justification for current political views or claims (except when arguing with pro-Israel apologists who do exploit such tropes).

            As for the Babylonian captivity, the returnees as far as I know were not Saducees or Pharisees. That came later. I believe there were 2 Israelite kingdoms, Judah and Israel. That may be where you’re getting the Judea reference.

            The difference between the Sadducee and Pharisee was based on interpretation of Jewish law in the Talmud. Also if I’m not mistaken Pharisees were allied with the rabbinic class and Sadducees were allied with the priestly class. But I’m by no means a historian of that period.

  3. Strange story… a soldier ‘lets his guard down’…? does not realize he is in danger after being approached by two suspicious strangers…? and then has his gun stolen? Of course we don;t get the full picture from Boaz (Bismuth) / Adelson press as expected.

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