14 thoughts on “Israeli President Mandates Netanyahu, Amidst Criminal Trial, to Form Government – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is virtually no chance of a quick verdict in Bibi’s trial. There are hundreds of witnesses and it will take years to conclude unless he pleads out in some sweet deal.

      1. That’s not true. Complicated white collar trials can and do take years. Olmert’s Holyland trial took almost two years, and Bibi’s case is more complicated.

  2. A vibrant Democracy in action.

    How many American Presidents have been criminal defendants, much less, been convicted?

    1. @ Alice: You’re giving us much unintended amusement. American presidents, for all their vices and foibles, have almost never (with one exception) been outright crooks. So thankfully, they can’t be compared to Israeli PMs, many of whom have been quite corrupt.

      The idea that Israel is a “democracy” in this or any other matter is laughable. Not only is Bibi a crook, he’s done his damndest to destroy any last vestiges of Israeli democracy.

      I warn you that the role of commenter s is not to cheerlead for Israel (or Palestine). The comment threads are meant for in depth discussion and reasoned debate. “Democracy is action” is sloganeering and not suitable for this blog.

      1. Israeli politicians are no better or worse than American politicians.

        That Israeli democracy can have fair trials that convict and imprison her leaders is laudable.

        I said ‘Democracy in action’, which is not slogan.

        1. @ Alice: Israeli politicians are not only far worse Than there US counterparts, they represent a nation in far more distress and dsyfunction.

          As for cheerleading, I’m the only who makes that determination, not you. So you’ll accommodate to my definition and respect it or you won’t comment here.

          1. A twice-impeached one-term President.
            Death, mayhem, sedition and blood in the Capitol Building.
            Nationwide protests against injustice that caused billions of dollars in property loss. An inadequate response to Covid 19.
            Mass shootings. A border crisis, and now scapegoating Asian Americans.

            I’d call that distress and dysfunction

            But since you haven’t set foot in Israel in forty years, it’s possible you are ‘projecting’ Israel’s dysfunction and distress.

            Please clarify your definition of ‘cheerleaderism’ so we can better avoid it.

          2. @ Alice: Trump is an outlier as anyone should know.

            And as for the inane claim that you can’t know a place without physically being in it–tell it to the engineers who’ve studied the Martian climate and geology their entire careers and designed the Rover and other equipment for visits to Mars. Tell it to the historians who’ve written brilliant books about Roman history. In fact, I know much more about certain aspects of Israeli life than you do. If that wasn’t so I couldn’t report stories that you’ve never heard of till I reported them. So no, the idea that someone must physically be in a place to really understand it is outmoded, if it was ever relevant.

            You know what a cheerleader is. I don’t have to tell you. So don’t do it.

        1. @ Rex: Trump is the exception. Nixon and Clinton were not rapists or corrupt. Their misdeeds related largely to abuse of presidential power.

          Further we’ve had 225 years of president’s whose records have been relatively unblemished. Compared to 70 years of yours whose records have been deeply troubled, especially in the past few decades.

          Lately, Israeli prime Ministers and presidents have been out and out crooks or rapists or both

          1. “Nixon and Clinton were not rapists or corrupt” – this is not a serious statement. Corrupt is exactly what Nixon was, but of course he was never prosecuted for his crimes because the next president, his own former vice president, pardoned him (not exactly the hallmarks of a great democracy). And a rapist is very likely what Clinton is. Trump is, of course, both corrupt and a rapist (and an insurrection inciter, to boot).

            The pattern is clear in both countries. Israeli prime ministers and presidents have been investigated and in some cases charged, tried, and punished. American presidents have had their crimes ignored or pardoned.

          2. @ Rex: Nixon was not corrupt. He was a paranoid megalomaniac who encouraged commission of criminal acts. But not corrupt.

            The far right has flung claims that Clinton raped women. But there is no credible evidence this is the case. Nor was he ever charged or convicted. While Israel has had a president convicted of rape.

            Israeli politics is far more corrupt than American. And sexual crimes are far less investigated all around, including at the highest level. This blog and its reporting on such stories is clear evidence of that. The question is not how many are punished in Israel, but how many literally get away with murder without any investigation; or with an investigation that ends with no charges being laid because the suspect is too powerful.

            Speaking of pardons, you’ve clearly not seen the list of Jewish terrorists who’ve been pardoned by Israeli presidents. Not a single Palestinian on the list though.

            You are done in this thread.

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