18 thoughts on “How Hitler Killed Half the Jewish Diaspora and Zionism Projects Death of the Rest – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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        1. Bobby/Damien: You’ve been commenting here long enough to know what triggers me as anti-Semitic content. I don’t want to get into a long discussion about it. You’re smart enough to know. Or should be.

          1. I’m of average intelligence, Richard.
            I don’t know you personally or long enough to claim telepathic knowledge of your definition of the moveable feast of ‘antiSemitic content’, though I believe you to be honest and searching for truth.
            Your refusal to elucidate rings of a ‘with us or against us’ insecurity on the issues I raised.
            If you cannot grant me the same respect of honesty it indicates a closing of the mind at a time when this is not a path out of the fog of disinformation that sees the likes of Corbyn smeared and silenced with the same accusation you level at me.
            I believe it unjustified, and your refusal to elaborate as depressing.
            I claim no infallibility, and recommend the stance in these time of deliberately incited disinformation psyops.

          2. @ Bobby Sandstone: If you don’t know why including a dollar sign into your spelling of the word “Holocaust” or invoking the name “Rothschild” in a rant against Israel is anti-Semitic, then far be it from me to teach you.

  1. Richard….that was one of the nicest pieces I’ve ever read from you. It was brave and vulnerable. It was objective and personal. Although I’m not Jewish (I’m an atheist of Christian descent), I have a strong sense that Judaism needs to reinvent itself. All religions have to at some point. I feel this article is part of that reimagining. So, hats off to you.

  2. I am glad I found I find your site, usually I read Mondoweiss.

    you think as one state with equal rights that you will not be elbowed out? Look at Lebanon, I don’t think it will work. Civil war danger. Better to have a separate state for Palestine with shared capital?

    Imagine then your wish comes true. There is one state, non Jewish majority. You are elbowed out. Do you think, Khazaria would be a good place for Israelis to go to if this happens?

    1. @ Abdal:

      you think as one state with equal rights that you will not be elbowed out?

      Elbowed out? By whom? Palestinians? They will elbow out Israeli Jews with one of the most powerful armies in the world? How?

      1. [comment deleted: do not publish the same comment twice. If I wanted to publish your first comment, I would have. I didn’t. So don’t.]

      2. [comment deleted: this is not a space for hasbara. Not a space for cheerleading for Brand Israel.

        Your boosterism has been published in comments here countless times before in almost the exact same words. And they bore me.

        In future, comments must be on topic and directly related to the post I wrote.

        Also, do not publish more than three posts in any 24 hr period.]

    2. “Khazaria”? Abdal, don’t you know that the so-called Khazaria story has been disproven over and over again, and has become a calling card of antisemites and anti-Zionists in order to claim that Jews have no ties to the Land of Israel?

      If you don’t believe me, tune into this lecture on the website of YIVO (the YIDDISH scientific institute).

  3. Why did you replace “Zionist” and “Zionism” with “Zion”?

    You would have been much more convincing had the last two paragraphs of this piece (especially the last two sentences) said thefollowing:

    “People reading this may believe that I am an anti-Zionist. That’s not precisely true. I don’t reject Zionism. I reject the definition of Zionism put forward by the Judeo-supremacists who have hijacked contemporary Zionism. They are so firmly in control of the levers of power in Israel and the Diaspora that one could easily make the mistake of assuming I reject Zionism itself.

    I reject a Zionism that demands conquest, that demands expulsion, that demands theft. I favor a Zionism that embraces shared homeland, shared political rights and full equality. This Zionism is no less legitimate in Jewish terms than the Judeo-supremacist Zionism.

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