18 thoughts on “Biden’s Policies Toward Israel are Trump-Lite, Secretary of State Recognizes Israeli Control of Golan – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. sadly, i agree with you. however, part of that is me talking without truly knowing what i’m talking about. i don’t know the history and geopolitical details you do, richard, but our hearts are in the same place. i loathe what the israeli politik has become. but then i loathe the amerikan one, too.

  2. It was VP Biden who ran foreign policy under Obama … appointments and directed regime change in Libya, Egypt, Syria and with Cheney advisor Victoria Nuland the coup in Ukraine. Under Obama the Russian Federation was
    ousted as partner in NATO meetings. Biden has befriended rightwing Republicans like Lindsey Graham on Middle East policy. Indeed, the US has never been and will never be an honest broker for a Palestinian state. The US and Israel are above International law and justice. It appears Biden is more at ease to make peace with Bibi. Obama worked against Netanyahu in an Israeli election cycle, the Democrats got payback from Israel and Arab allies in the surprise victory of Republicans in 2016.

  3. Russia still plays a role in crucial states allied with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The US and Israel can’t undo hostilities of the past … murderous assault on anti-IS ally Qasem Soleimani and recently nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Iran is hurting due to inhumane economic sanctions especially during the pandemic. Iran takes pride in its sovereignty as guaranteed by the charter of the UN.

  4. Exit bad globocop stage right…enter good globocop stage left.
    Act 2 commences with the bedding in of Trump’s Act 1 scene-setting; with the players piggery better lipsticked as tension is assuaged and audience attention is deflected with liberal gestures in the wings lauded by tame media reviewers.
    Act 3 will likely see a Pompeo hit the stage to bring down the house.
    Warning…Act 3 may erupt from the wings, stage Right, precipitately.

    1. @Sandstone: Pompeo “bring down the house?” Only in the sense that Samson “brought down the house” (I.E. The Philistine temple) in Ashkelon lo these many years ago.

      It’s “precipitously,” not “precipitately.” The latter would mean it’s precipitating I.e. Raining.

  5.  “I didn’t vote for him [Biden] because I knew I would oppose his Middle East policy”

    Wow. To defend Palestinian rights, you put your country at risk of four more years of Trumpism.

    1. @Forrest
      “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out…”
      A choice each one of us makes to oppose fascist rule and behaviour.

    2. @ Forrest: Since when did I put the Republic in danger? Trump lost by 7-million votes. And yes, unlike you, I do have a set of moral values that involve justice for Palestinians and fair resolution of one of the most dangerous conflicts facing the world today.

      1. @Oui

        Staying home on election night, or writing in ‘Donald Duck for President’, is not a ‘choice to oppose fascist rule and behavior’. Voting for Biden was the only alternative to opposing Trump’s treasonous reign, and Richard failed to do that.

        Richard would be the first person to condemn ‘Israel first’, American Jews and Christians who voted for Trump, yet on the most important election of his lifetime, Richard only had Israel and Palestine on his mind.

        Richard. My estimation of you has dropped like a lead weight.

        And BTW, how did you know that Biden would win the election on November 2?
        Answer: You didn’t.

        1. @Forrest: Just think of it: an apologist for apartheid Israel telling us how to oppose fascism! Excuse me, but we don’t need lessons from you.

          Nor do you know what I had on my mind. Nor do I permit you to speak on my behalf about what I may be thinking. Of course, I didn’t “only” have Israel and Palestine on my mind. But I am proud that I did have them on my mind.

          Further, you are an utter hypocrite because you truly DO only have Israel on your mind. The only reason you’re making such lame claims about what I allegedly had on my mind is because it serves as a feeble gotcha to counter my views. We all know you don’t give a crap about America or our politics except as it relates to Israel.

          As for your estimation of me: I could give 2 shits. Your estimation of me has always been about as low as mine of you. So let’s not pretend shall we.

          Anyone in America except Trump’s true Believers knew he would lose. Further, something you apparently don’t understand is that American elections aren’t decided by individual votes. They’re decided by state votes. So if your state votes for Biden, it’s electoral college votes go to Biden. My state is as blue as any state in the union. There was never any doubt WA would give its EC votes to Biden.

          You are done in this thread.

  6. One ought to step back and ask, ‘Just why does Iran have a nuclear program anyway?’ Medical research? Nuclear power? Industrial applications?

    Please. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

    1. @sepp
      1957: Shah and President Dwight Eisenhower sign a civil nuclear cooperation agreement under the U.S. Atoms for Peace program.

      1968: Iran signs the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and is ratified soon after by parliament.

      Where was and is Israel on the NPT Treaty? An imminent threat to the region.

      The Islamic Republic of Iran produces medical isotopes in its civilian nuclear program.

      1. @Oui


        Medical isotopes she could easily buy on the open market, like most countries do.

        I asked you not to piss on my leg, and you did.

        I’m done with you.

    2. @ Sepp: Iran wouldn’t need a nuclear program is the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia Arabia and the entire Sunni world weren’t chafing to attack it. Every country in the world is entitled to defend itself by whatever means are necessary. That includes Iran.

      Why does Israel have nuclear weapons? For the same reason. Denying Iran what Israel already has, and what it has threatened to use against Iran is hypocritical in the extreme.

  7. Biden also wants Julian Assange in an American court still, even though he’s a foreign national and this would be awful for journalism across the planet. You got rid of America’s Senile Racist Uncle, you picked up America’s Grandfather who does all the stuff SRU does, but in a less-racist, idiotic way, even though the final goal is moronic.

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