14 thoughts on “Joe Biden Called Me an Anti-Semite – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You are accepting the Israeli State in a dream scenario. I’d be more able to understand this if you would posit a route to change, and minimised the flavour of ‘chosenness’ implicit in self-defining as a “proud Jew”.
    Which is exactly the position of the Israeli state leadership

    1. @ Nick Wheeler: It’s not my job to “posit a route to change.” It’s my job to analyze the situation accurately. I’m not a prime minister and not a prognosticator.

      Saying I am a proud Jew has nothing to do with “chosenness.” The only thing I am “chosen” to do as a Jew is the act with kindness and walk humbly with my God. That’s something anyone can do whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.

      Nor is my definition of being Jewish common to anything the Israeli state leadership believes on the subject. If you’ve read anything in this blog (and I’m not sure you have or understood what you’ve read) my views diverge from those of Israel’s leaders concerning their definition of Zionism and its relation to Diaspora Jewry.

  2. Truth beautifully expressed!!! The world agrees with you, yet Israel and US reign supreme. How is this possible?

  3. ‘…liberal Zionists.’

    ”Liberal Zionists’ has always struck me as a bit of an oxymoron.

    Isn’t it more or less equivalent to ‘humanitarian Nazis’?

    I would say ‘no offense,’ but frankly, if anyone’s offended, tough-o.

  4. if ‘Liberal Zionists’ struck you as a bit of an oxymoron, how does ‘progressive Zionist’ struck you?

    1. @ carmel yativ: Are you saying that the proper term to associate with Zionism is fascist, right wing, extremist, ultra-nationalist? If so, I’m willing to concede that to you.

      But I’m always amazed by so called Zionists who know nothing about Zionist history and don’t realize that there have been many forms of Zionism over the years. THere surely is progressive Zionism. It riles the hell out of you, I know. That there could be a Zionism that posits Israel as a secular democratic state of all its citizens. That rejects Jewish supremacism. That rejects apartheid and Judeo-fascism. BUt there is.

  5. If you think that Biden is only “slightly better” than Trump, then I guess you don’t care much about what the Supreme Court will have to say in the next 30 years on issues such as abortion, gun control, voting rights, criminal justice, etc. If Trump gets a second term, he will very likely appoint three new justices, including those who will replace Ginsburg and Breyer, ensuring a solid majority for the extreme right on the Supreme Court for decades. That probably will not affect you personally too much, but the most vulnerable people in America will suffer greatly from it. If you think that is not a good enough reason to vote for Biden, then I don’t think you can call yourself progressive.

    1. @ Rex: I am not a progressive who’s willing to vote for a shill and a sham. Biden is a sham of a Democrat. I am not going to make compromises just so we don’t get the worst of 2 evils. Progressives don’t vote for infirm, mentally meandering moderate candidates in order to prove they are progressive.

  6. @Richard Silverstein: I must be too dumb to understand the wisdom of this “no compromise” approach. There will be a choice this November between a candidate who wants to offer expanded medicaid and a public option and a candidate whose administration and party have worked to undo Obamacare. Between a candidate who wants to protect voting rights and one who wants to make it as hard as possible for poor and minority citizens to vote. Between a candidate who wants to offer some student loan forgiveness and free college for those with lower incomes and one who wants to eliminate existing loan forgiveness programs. There are hundreds more examples of how Trump would be much much worse than Biden on fundamental issues, without even getting into Trump’s moral corruption of the US government and erosion of its democratic institutions.

    Many more Americans would suffer. Many more people would die. All for purity’s sake? Why don’t Sanders and Warren see the wisdom of your approach? Is there a single elected progressive who does?

    1. @ Rex: There will be an election this November with the “best” candidate, one who rejects Medicare for all, Green New Deal, $15/Hr federal minimum wage, forgiving student loan debt, offering federal funding for college. Not to mention this candidate refuses to move the U.S. Embassy back to Tel Aviv, and offers little but tut-tutting in response to Netanyahu’s Judeo-fascist policies.

      Biden will continue Obama’s targeted killing campaign in the Middle East. He will not advance on Obama’s nuclear deal by normalizing relations with Iran.

      If the Democratic Party is smart (and they largely aren’t) they’d nominate a progressive candidate who would energize the electorate on behalf of this platform. Biden is a lukewarm candidate, inspiring no one (not even his supporters). Can you not see that? If you can’t, you’re hopeless. And don’t blame me if he loses because there will be millions more Americans like me who are wholly uninspired by him and either weren’t motivated to vote or opposed voting for him.

      And if he wins, you will find the next four years one of stasis and disappointment. Biden will either fail to, or refuse to make good on most of his promises.

      You’ve had 2 shots here to advance your pro-Biden agenda. So let’s end it here. No more comments from you on the subject.

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