8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Senior Israeli Source–Netanyahu Threat Against Iran is a Bluff – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. i don’t even begin to understand all these hateful and dangerous political games. it’s incredible that these egomaniacs would be willing to risk incinerating the planet….over what?
    oy. jews, no less being so hateful toward other peoples. i’m so ashamed of these israelis…..i have no idea what proportion of jews truly believe in nutenyahoo. a few of my relative do.
    my shame at such jews just grows and grows.

  2. So finally Netanyahu got his choice of an attack dog as IDF chief of staff in Kochavi to deal with Iran under the Trump presidency. The China virus spoiled the plan and the loss of the White House by the Republican president sealed Netanyahu’s fate. No BIG election billboards with Israel’s best friend the American president? Yes, Bibi knows how to manipulate crazy Republicans in US Congress … so could the insurrectionist president. Losers.

  3. Is this ‘source’ you are relying on, the same source that tipped you that Israel was behind the catastrophic Beirut Port Blast?

    Six months have past, and they still haven’t found the secret, underground Hezbollah city you and your source claimed was Israel’s larget.

    Still waiting for your full retraction of that shameful libel.

    1. underground city? no such claim. if you expect espionage – especially deadly espionage – to be unearthed within months, then i suggest more realistic expectations.

  4. Remind me…..why haven’t they used the corruption cases to crush Netanyahu yet?

    The man is a crook and if he really does stumble into an Israel-Iran conflict, they can shut down the Strait of Hormuz in five minutes, and then things really spiral out of control. It’s like 1914 all over again.

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