6 thoughts on “Star of David Debased by Apartheid – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Now if a Muslim had written the same thing, you would be calling me out on ‘islamophobia’ yet you have no hesitation in slamming your own. You have a double standard, which makes your blog hard to take seriously. YOu hold others to a lower standard than you do Jews which makes you a Jewish supremacist.

    May I please ask what the majority of your readership consists of? Thank you.

    1. @ zareena: What a load of garbage. First of all, Muslims criticize aspects of their religion and motivations of their co-religionists as much as any religion. Certainly as much as Jews do. Nor am I attacking Judaism as you mistakenly claim. Judaism is fine. It’s Jews, or some Jews who are the problem.

      As for taking my blog seriously: don’t give it another thought. My blog doesn’t require you to take it seriously to be of value.

      I hold my fellow Jews to a high standard. Yes, guilty as charged. The Biblical prophets did as well. Why don’t you take them to task as well?

      Personally, I can’t make out who you are or your motivation. My guess is that you’re either a fake persona or a troll (or both). I have a very low tolerance level for either. Consider that a warning.

  2. A few outlaws use a common Jewish symbol and now all Jews have to justify that?
    Just b/c an Islamic terrorist uses the phrase “Allah Akbar” all Muslim have to apologize for it? Of course not!

  3. And you know that how?
    You are just showing your beliefs and how clueless you are about what is actually happening. It is like I said half of US citizens are racists just b/c they have voted for Trump. But then, many Latinos and Blacks voted for him so how does that fit??

    1. @ Ariel: You think African-American and Latinos can’t be racist? What planet are you on. By the same token, you think Israeli Arabs don’t vote Likud? Of course not in large numbers. But about the same small percentage of Blacks who voted for Trump.

      You are done in this thread. Do not post again here (in this thread).

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