3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Pipes’ Middle East Forum Faces Multiple Sex Discrimination Suits – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The account below will demonstrate that Pipes and MEF are the pot calling the kettle…”

    You’re comparing ‘fanny patting’, with female genital mutilation?

    That hardly seems right.

    1. @ M.A. Wunsch: First, let’s establish that you’re a man and clearly not a feminist. Second, let’s establish that you’re a hasbarist defending the indefensible (ie. an Israel Lobby scandal). Third, let’s establish that you either haven’t read the entire post or you’ve quoted highly selectively from it. Did you read the claim that he forced an intern into giving him a blowjob? Or did you miss that?

      Then finally, let’s further clarify your mischaracterization of that passage. I said that MEF and people like you ACCUSE Islam of promoting FGM. I didn’t say Islam DOES promote it. It doesn’t. FGM is a cultural or tribal custom, and a horrid one. But it is not a religious custom.

  2. [comment deleted: comments must contain a substantive argument. Nit-picking what words I use to describe a man demanding a degrading sexual act is not substantive. That’s offensive to the victim (and me). Do not comment again in this thread.]

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