9 thoughts on “Israeli Foreign Ministry Sponsoring U.S. BDS Lawsuits – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. But where I do begin to have a problem is when these groups become agents of a foreign government.

    Dual nationals are subversives. Someone should lead a campaign to have them swear allegiance to one country or another.

    It’s like a woman, she cannot be married to men at the same time.

  2. Since most of the Israeli American’s are extremists (Kahane sympathists) if it were put to the test, most of them would sell out America for Israel. That is evident, in that they support candidate for what they can do for Israel and pretend it’s for the good of the USA.

    Why aren’t Americans demanding loyalty allegiance laws for dual citizens? I have seen time and again, dual Israeli Americans, merely see the US as a tool to manipulate for their agenda, which goes against the interests of the USA.

    This BDS case manipulation is just a small symptom of this problem.

  3. I meant to say, Likud sympathisers too, not just Kahane, and Moshe Feiglin, Lieberman, and all the other assorted distasteful characters that Israel has.

  4. This lawsuit is motivated by anti-BDS fever, but the lawsuit itself appears to be a suit by members of a membership organization to compel its leadership to play by the established rules.

    It is very hard to understand why the CO-OP did not immediately back down (indeed, before a lawsuit was launched) and submit the issue of boycott to whatever voting (or other) procedures are set forth ion its own rules.

    I’d love to see established procedures authorize BDS. But I’d hate to see the CO-OP itself brought down (via money damages, though its a bit hard to understand how the complainants can have suffered any injuries properly compensable by money) because they “jumped the tracks” even in so good a cause as BDS.

    1. I too am concerned about this dual loyalty nonsense. I think the time may come, in a backlash, where people like Richard Perle are charged with treason.

      All the “real” co-op has to show is that it followed procedures or, failing that, it will follow procedures. But, the key thing here is to get press to identify the sponsorship so that Americans can see and hear how anti-free speech the Israeli government is. That’s certainly worth something.

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