22 thoughts on “Trump Has COVID: Could This Be His Undoing? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Too early … takes one to two weeks for an individual te develop symptoms of the disease. Most deaths occur to the very old persons … in Europe it’s around 80 years old. Quality of medical care is crucial … see recovery in a late stage of Boris Johnson.

    The fact that the President followed his Daily schedule of campaign and round table meeting with big sponsors is scandulous. Illustrates the shear irresponsibility of Trump and his team.

    What happens if Trump infected Joe Biden during the 90 minutes of debate?

  2. Being a devout atheist, I’m compelled to pray for Trump’s recovery lest I have to accept God’s governance.

  3. This is karma, to put it mildly.

    Dr. Silagi prescribes a gallon of Clorox, administered parenterally.

  4. Trump was offered Russia’s Sputnik V … Trump has faith in chloroquine … do hope Trump recovers in time to witness Nov. 3 defeat.

  5. Greek tragic hero is perfect for Trump, and for us as a country.Oh what he has dragged us through! I use past tense already but maybe too early. Poetic justice, we said here. My friend says karma. People don’t always or even ever get what they deserve. But I am thinking we have been in a morality play. We have what to write about-the moral lessons (plural). Biden called Trump a clown dismissively.This hasn’t been a comedy though there has, for our sanity, been a lot of humor reaped from it. At least the comics and the cartoonists, as well as the journalists and the moralists have material.

  6. Not because of personal enmity (although I have lots of that) I hope that Trump gets really, really sick. If he has a mild course of illness the yowling mass of jackals who scream that Covid19 is a hoax, no worse than the cold, etc will have more ammunition. In that case forget any public health message.

  7. Did you donate?

    Republican donors who attended President Donald Trump’s fundraiser at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club are panicking after being around the commander in chief hours before he announced that he was infected with the coronavirus.

  8. “I beat the socialist,” Biden said.

    From the Old School of the Clintons and Deplorables. How dumb can you get Old Geezer!
    Bernie Sanders represented progressive voters and young people … lost out to the Party Machine and a representative of Wall Street, deep pockets and the MIC.

  9. Why have this blog became OUI’s private forum?
    it is really annoying to come back and check if there are any interesting new discussions in the comments and find random comments with no relation to the article.

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