8 thoughts on “Was the Mossad Chief David Albright’s Source on Natanz Attack? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hi Richard, feel free to contact me in the future before you try to critique an article of mine. My email: yonahjpost@gmail.com is public as is my twitter account. Just so you know though – regarding my sources – you are not even close in this case. You might want to rewrite your article. In terms of anonymous sources, there is nothing new about protecting sources providing sensitive information from right to left (over the years many of the biggest exposes against Trump.)

    1. @ Yonah Bob: I’ll take your advice to rewrite my post when you rewrite your article to even note that you have a source for your claims. “The Post has learned” does not qualify in journalistic terms. All reputable journalists refer at least obliquely to a source even if they don’t name them. There is a difference between “protecting” sources and disappearing them, which you did here.

  2. @Richard Silverstein

    There is a difference between “protecting” sources and disappearing them, which you did here”.

    Mr. Silverstein. You are being disingenuous.
    You obviously recognized that J.Post had a ‘source’, because you tried, unsuccessfully, to identify him.

    Mr. Silverstein. You also failed to reach out to Yonah Bob in preparation of your article.
    You didn’t do your job as a journalist here.

  3. Now take all this critical thinking and apply it to your own reporting about Beirut explosion.

    You give no details about what actually happened that day. One can sum that series of articles in a single sentence – “Israel did it”.

    You cherry pick sentences from export opinions and discard whatever does not fit in.

    Before judging others Journalism, you should examine yours.

  4. Richard Silverstein you are an Iranian toe licker, a complete waste of space, an oxygen thief. Everyone knows you are an Iranian mouthpiece. You are IRGC bred, Shiite fed and Iranian led. You have no credibility whatsoever.

    1. @ Whoever You Are: I only published this comment to expose what a fake you are. I checked your e mail: it’s fake. Your name: Ksennia? Really? How did you pick it? Obvious fake. Your IP address resolves to Perth. But you could live anywhere. I do note that Perth is the hometown of another Judeo-fascist hoaxster, David Lange: but again who knows. You’re probably posting from an MeK bot account in Albania and hiding your IP using an IP proxy. SO let’s just dispose of you as a total fraud.

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